Kitty Litter Cake Is Great For A Halloween Party (If You Can Get Past The Visual)

No Halloween party is complete without spooky snacks and chilling drinks. And, while most people make classic Halloween recipes like Witches' Brew and pumpkin cookies, there's so much more room to get creative.

While the list of Halloween recipes that you can try out abounds, if you really want to creep out your guests, you might want to try making something called kitty litter cake. Although it sounds (at best) unappetizing, this cake is actually pretty tasty. It's a cake just like any other, but one that's been disguised to look like a cat's dirty litter box — yuck!

While the origins of the cake are up for debate (looking at you, "Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book"), it was a TikToker named Amanda Schmitt who popularized the dish, and she did such a realistic job that the cake quickly went viral. Here's what else to know about kitty litter cake, as well as a quick rundown on how to make your own disgusting-looking version at home for your next party.

What is kitty litter cake?

Kitty litter cake is actually a classic white cake that was first concocted by a crafty TikToker who wanted to make life-like cakes. This is part of a recent trend of making food that looks like everyday objects. The trend became popular thanks in part to the Netflix show, "Is It Cake," and Amanda Schmitt decided to jump on the bandwagon. However, she chose to take things to the next level and give her audience a shock.


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To get the look of a kitty litter box, Schmitt made the dessert by crushing up a classic cake and placing it in a new, unused cat litter tray. Then, the chef tops the dish with crushed-up vanilla and chocolate Oreo cookies, which resemble the gravelly litter a cat might do his business in when a bit of black food dye is mixed in. Finally, the dish is topped with marshmallow fluff rolled into the cookie mix and tootsie rolls, which give the illusion of cat droppings and clumps of soiled litter throughout the box.

What really adds to the effect of this cake is that she served it in an actual cat litter box. Then, when presenting it, she topped it with a kitty litter scooper, giving the effect that she was eating litter straight out of the bin. Remember, you eat with your eyes first.

How to make a kitty litter cake of your own

Crafting a kitty litter cake is simple. To make this cake, you'll need to start by preparing a box (or two, depending on how big you want it) of cake mix according to the package instructions. Once you've made the cakes, allow them to cool, and set about preparing two packages of instant vanilla pudding according to their instructions. You can also swap the pudding for a tub or two of premade frosting (Schmitt used Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor).

Next, crush up a package of vanilla sandwich cookies in a separate bowl and set this aside. Separate about a fourth cup of these and then add a few drops of green or blue food coloring. Mix until the crumbs change color. Set both bowls aside.

With the ingredient prep out of the way, it's time to get into the fun part. Crumble your cakes into a bowl, add half of each cookie crumbles and a few dollops of pudding or frosting, and mix everything. Add it to a clean cat litter box. Next, microwave the unwrapped tootsie rolls for a few seconds to make them pliable. Squish them up, making sure to shape them to look like cat droppings, and add them to the box. Sprinkle with the entire thing with the plain cookie crumbs and add the dyed crumbs. Finally, dip a clean litter scooper into the box to use as your cake cutter, and you're ready to shock your Halloween guests!