The Marinating Tip For The Absolute Best Grilled Shrimp

Picture this: The weather is glorious, you're firing up the grill, and you've got a pack of shrimp you can't wait to cook over the flames. You know it's going to be an incredible day. Perhaps you plan to infuse the shrimp with fresh lime, coat them with a curry marinade, or glaze them with a barbecue sauce. Before hitting the gas and threading those shrimp on skewers, consider following this marinating trick for optimum taste.

The secret to the most incredible grilled shrimp is to peel off their shells before marinating. This allows the marinade to seep into the meat, ensuring all those vibrant flavors are well and truly imparted. If you're feeling lazy about the peeling preparation, remember you'll have to peel the shrimp either way, so why not just get it done first and improve the entire dish? This trick also makes it simpler to devein the shrimp, eliminating the chance of a gritty bite after grilling. In conclusion, there's little excuse not to try these tips.

Marinate shrimp like a boss

Begin by taking the shells off your raw shrimp — you can keep the tails on, as this will make it easier to pull off the skewers after grilling. (In case you were curious, it is actually safe to eat the shrimp tail.) With a small knife, devein the shrimp by carefully slicing down the back of each shrimp and removing the dark vein. Have a paper towel ready, as the veins can be sticky and you'll need to wipe your hands and knife as you go. Removing the vein may only be necessary with jumbo or colossal shrimp, where the vein is particularly prominent. Then, coat your shrimp with the marinade you've chosen and thread it onto skewers. Now they're ready to grill.

If you plan to marinate your shrimp in an acidic ingredient like citrus juice, marinate it for no longer than 15 minutes. The acid will start to destroy the proteins in the shrimp, which increases the risk of overcooking on the grill. It's also essential to be acquainted with different types of shrimp, as this will help you to choose the tastiest, juiciest, and meatiest shrimp for your meal. Shrimp that is caught fresh is best used the day you buy it, and while frozen shrimp is a more convenient option, it will never truly live up to the fresh variety.

The marinade dreams are made of

A shrimp marinade can be as simple as the juice and zest of a lemon or lime, some garlic, and fresh parsley. Season with salt and pepper, add a tablespoon of olive oil, and it's ready to be slathered over your peeled shrimp. Leave them to marinade before threading onto skewers and grilling for about 3 minutes on each side. If you fancy a more adventurous and flavorful marinade, try masala shrimp with a yogurt-chutney dipping sauce. The coriander, ginger, and chili flakes on the shrimp work great with the tangy mango chutney dipping sauce.

There is plenty of debate surrounding whether grilled shrimp taste better with or without their shells. While the shell may compound some of the shrimp's natural flavor, if you plan to infuse the shrimp's fishiness with other hints and notes, we stand by peeling it first for a more pungent taste. If you want that lime tang, curry spice, or soy sauce to really come through, peel the shrimp first — it won't fail to impress when it comes time to eat.