5 Nixie Organic Sparkling Waters, Ranked

Sparkling water is all the rage, and we don't see this trend dying down anytime soon. That means it's time to get on the seltzer train and find your favorite. One way to quench your thirst in style is with Nixie Sparkling Water. These fizzy wonders are more than just bubbles in a can -– they're USDA Certified Organic and boast zero calories, zero sugar, and zero sodium. Talk about guilt-free sipping!

What makes Nixie sparkle even brighter is the brand's commitment to keeping it real. Say goodbye to synthetic solvents, carriers, and artificial preservatives — Nixie's sparkling waters are as pure as can be, just like sipping from a carbonated mountain stream. 

Nixie's founder, Nicole Bernard Dawes, has a natural products legacy in her blood, growing up surrounded by her mother's natural food store and her father's Cape Cod Potato Chips company. It was written in the stars that she'd become a natural products innovator. And boy, did she live up to her fate!

So, whether you're sipping solo or getting creative with a Nixie Mixie, these organic sparkling waters are here to add a burst of refreshment to your life. Now, it's time to rank five of their signature flavors. From watermelon mint to lime ginger, we tested them all to find the sparkling water champion. Let's get to sipping and see who takes home the crown.

5. Strawberry Hibiscus

Nixie's Strawberry Hibiscus sparkling water found itself at the tail end of our list, but it's not because it wasn't good. Hear us out. When opening the can, you're hit with a sweet strawberry smell that draws you in. The taste followed suit, living up to its candied scent. When you take your first sip, it's wild to think that there are no artificial additives or sugars and it's organically sweetened 

The flavor profile screams sugar, and we mean screams. It's reminiscent of that strawberry candy grandma always had on hand. But there are deeper fruity notes on the backend when the taste begins to linger, balancing out that saccharine taste.

While this flavor was good, the sweetness was a touch too much for our taste buds, earning this concoction its spot at the end of the lineup. If you've got a sweet tooth that's ready for an adventure, and strawberry is your thing, we think you'll enjoy this option. Give Nixie's Strawberry Hibiscus a whirl — just be prepared for a sugary ride!

4. Grapefruit

Nixie's Grapefruit sparkling water lands at number four out of five on our lineup, bringing a burst of that classic sweet and tangy goodness to your sipping experience. Right off the bat, you'll catch a whiff of those strong grapefruit notes when you crack open the can, setting the tone for the invigorating treat that awaits.

When it comes to taste, this fizzy contender starts off with a slightly bitter kick at the front, but it mellows out like a champ as you sip on. By the time it hits the back end of the flavor profile, you'll find a solid and satisfying grapefruit tang that'll have you reminiscing about sunny days. We can see ourselves drinking this one over ice on a hot summer afternoon.

Nixie's grapefruit option is definitely for those sparkling water connoisseurs who like a more mellow flavor with a zesty, tangy twist. This isn't your typical sparkling water, and it might just be your new favorite. Overall, we have no negative notes on this one — we liked it a lot, but it wasn't true love.

3. Watermelon Mint

Coming in at No. 3 is Nixie's Watermelon Mint sparkling water, here to give your taste buds a refreshing twist. The scent gives off a subtle hint of sweet watermelon without overpowering the senses at all, which made us truly curious.

This delightful concoction hits that sweet spot between flavors. With mild notes of watermelon, it's like a burst of sugary goodness without actually being overly sweet. The front end of the flavor profile delivers a bright and fruity taste that'll have you reaching for more. And just when you thought things couldn't get better, the mint swoops in on the back end, tempering that sweetness and adding a touch of freshness, even though the mint flavor itself doesn't take the spotlight.

All in all, Nixie's Watermelon Mint strikes a fine balance between fruity and cool mint, making it a nice and easy sipper for those who enjoy a bit of playfulness in their sparkling water. We can tell this one will quench our thirst on a hot day and make a stellar mixer for mocktails and cocktails alike. We definitely recommend giving this one a whirl — it's a taste adventure waiting to happen.

2. Black Cherry Lime

Proudly taking the silver medal is Nixie's Black Cherry Lime sparkling water. This option proved to be the wild card in our lineup, surprising us in the most delightful way. The battle of scents between cherry and lime had us guessing, but when it came to flavor, these two put on a harmonious show.

Black cherry confidently took the spotlight as the star of this fizzy spectacle. Your sip starts with deep cherry notes that are bold but not too sweet. But here's where the magic happens: Lime enters the ring with its zesty charm, effectively countering any excessive sweetness that could have gone overboard. It's a flavorful balancing act that keeps your taste buds intrigued and your palate refreshed.

Nixie's Black Cherry Lime is a pleasantly unexpected flavor twist that dances between the rich allure of black cherry and the tangy kick of lime. This one proves that even in the world of fizz, opposites can indeed attract — and taste fantastic together. This one is definitely a new favorite. Well done, Nixie.

1. Lime Ginger

At the forefront of our list is Nixie's Lime Ginger sparkling water, ready to jazz up your taste buds with its zesty charm. While the scent hints at the limey goodness, the real surprise happens when the ginger joins the party in the flavor arena. The lime takes a subtle bow at the front — a playful hint of what's to come. As you swallow that sip, get ready for a refreshing twist as ginger swoops in on the back end, leaving a delightful splash that's like a rejuvenating spa day for your palate.

The real charm of this sparkling duo is how the lime and ginger play together. Bold in their flavors, yet expertly balanced, they tag team without overpowering each other or your taste buds. This option is far more versatile when it comes to making Nixie Mixies for sure, pushing it to the top spot. We would love to try this one in a Kentucky Mule!

So, if you're seeking a refreshment that's as buildable as it is delightful, Nixie's Lime Ginger sparkling water might just be your next go-to. Whether it's a breezy summer soirée or a creative cocktail experiment, this sparkling gem is here to add a zingy twist to your sipping game.