The Clever Hack For Getting A Bigger Big Mac From McDonald's

McDonald's is one of those establishments where everyone has a favorite menu item, yet occasionally even the most devoted patrons yearn for something fresh. Enter the secret menu, which consists of internet-based menu hacks featuring items ranging from a straightforward grilled cheese to the over-the-top Chicken Big Mac. While ordering a Chicken Big Mac requires some fancy ordering (and a lot of waste), one secret item makes a lot of sense — the so-called Denali Big Mac.

This colossal rendition of the iconic Big Mac is simple to execute. All you have to do is ask a McDonald's employee to replace the two traditional beef patties with Quarter Pounder patties. This swap maintains the quintessential elements of the Big Mac — American cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, and the signature special sauce — but culminates in a substantial burger rivaling any fast food establishment. Of course, this super Big Mac will come at a price, and you'll have to go into a store or drive-thru to order it since there's no option for it in the McDonald's app.

The history of the Denali Mac

While widely regarded as a culinary workaround across much of the United States, there exists a solitary state where this outsized burger features prominently on the menu: Alaska. In specific regions of the state, the Denali Mac is an officially sanctioned component of McDonald's offerings. Back in November 2006, this jumbo burger served as a tribute to North America's loftiest peak. Initially dubbed the McKinley Mac, its nomenclature shifted when the mountain was rechristened Denali in September 2015 by President Obama — McDonald's duly altered the burger's name to match.

Regardless of terminology, this ample burger unquestionably satisfies hearty appetites. While the conventional Big Mac registers at 590 calories, the Denali Mac boasts 840. Additionally, the Denali Mac packs twice the protein content of its predecessor, the Big Mac, making it a veritable feast. Naturally, higher fat and sodium content accompany this indulgence, warranting moderation for those who are sensitive to excessive amounts of either.

Revamp the Quarter Pounder with cheese for potential saving

Although the Denali Mac contributes to an augmented calorie and sodium intake, several positive aspects underlie this burger selection. Notably, McDonald's Quarter Pounder patties are made from fresh beef. In fact, the Quarter Pounder is the only burger on the McDonald's menu that is cooked right when it is ordered. Should freshness be of concern, this hack provides a tasty solution. It does, however, sound potentially costly. 

For those seeking a simpler solution, forgo the middle bun that characterizes the Big Mac and opt for a tweaked Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. This dual-patty creation can be customized to evoke the Denali Mac's essence and could potentially incur a lower cost compared to altering the patties on the conventional Big Mac. To order, request a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and omit the mustard and ketchup while substituting Big Mac sauce and lettuce. The result mirrors all the Denali Mac elements minus the extra layer of the middle bun.