French Toast Deviled Eggs Are A Sweet Rendition Of A True Classic

What began as a starter on the feasting tables of the Ancient Romans has evolved with the modern addition of mayonnaise into a creamy side dish or popular appetizer at potlucks, picnics, BBQs, and holiday events. Deviled eggs, known for their tangy, thick, and smooth filling, make you almost oblivious to the fact that this dish originated from just a boiled egg. As delicious as it is, this nibble can feel overdone and slightly uninteresting, but there is a way to reinspire your love for this classic. French toast deviled eggs are the perfect solution.

With mini squares of French toast placed on top of savory breakfast deviled eggs, you get an excellent combination of sweet and salty flavors. Add a drizzle of maple syrup to finish, and these French toast deviled eggs make for an incredible breakfast or brunch accompaniment. Apart from their fabulous appearance, French toast deviled eggs introduce a delightful texture contrast to the soft dimensions of the egg.

For the deviled eggs

This creative twist on a classic was inspired by Kathy Casey's book D'Lish Deviled Eggs. Begin by hard boiling a dozen eggs, which should take about 12 minutes. Then peel the eggs carefully and cut lengthways. Gently separate the yolks from the white with a small spoon, and cover the whites on a plate before placing them in the refrigerator. Place the yolks into a bowl and mash until smooth. Mix these with 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, ¼ cup sour cream, ¼ cup cooked and crumbled sausage, and salt and pepper to taste. Stir to combine. If you're wondering what breakfast sausage to use, Jimmy Dean All Natural Pork Sausage Links is a delicious choice every time.

To transfer the filling back into the chilled whites, you can either do it the old-fashioned way — with a spoon — or use a piping bag for ease and neatness. If a piping bag is not available, you can make your own from a clean and sturdy ziplock bag and a pastry tip. If you're making this ahead of time, store the egg filling and whites in the refrigerator separately and assemble when ready to serve. They are best kept in the fridge for two days, and it is not recommended to freeze deviled eggs if you are considering it.

For the mini french toasts

The itty bitty French toasts are simple to whip up. Using 1 ½ pieces of white bread, remove the crusts and slice one piece into 16 equal-sized squares and the half-slice into eight squares. For the batter, whisk together one tablespoon of milk, one egg, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and ¼ teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl. Next, coat the bread slices fully in the milk mixture. Fry these squares with oil in a non-stick pan until golden on both sides. If you're making these ahead of time, you can freeze the French toast squares in an airtight bag or container for up to one month. Just thaw correctly and reheat lightly in a pan before use. 

To assemble, top each deviled egg with a square of French toast and a drizzle of maple syrup. You can also garnish with a strawberry piece to add a little color. The combination of meaty sausage in egg filling with sweet maple syrup and mini French toast makes for a wonderfully indulgent mouthful. Pair it with a mimosa, and this sweet rendition of deviled eggs will quickly become a brunch favorite.