Trader Joe's New Celebration Cake Gelato Is The Summery Treat You Need

After the successful release of S'mores ice cream in June of this year, it looks like Trader Joe's is adding yet another summer flavor to its ice cream lineup –- except this time, it's gelato! In fact, according to Trader Joe's, this new treat is a celebration cake-inspired gelato made with bits of real cake and colorful sprinkles mixed into a sweet and creamy Italian ice cream flavored to taste like cake batter. Seemingly formulated to speak to everyone's inner child, the grocer has created a reimagining of "the classic cake-and-ice-cream combo" in an all-in-one package.

Although there has been no official press release from the company concerning the new product, according to a Trader Joe's fan account on TikTok, we can expect to see the Trader Joe's Celebration Cake Gelato along with various other new products hit the shelves "as soon as next week." Over on Instagram, commenters seemed in the mood to celebrate, with one particularly enthused person writing, "You had me at cake pieces. I neeeed."

You can have a party and make cake shakes

A pint of Celebration Cake Gelato will set you back $3.79 when grabbed from the freezer section, where it will join the many other popular flavors of Trader Joe's ice creams. However, this batch seems poised to outshine the rest based on vibes alone, as it was made specifically with the phrases "the more the better" and "let's get this party started" in mind, according to TJ's. To get the party started, the grocery chain has also recommended using the rainbow-sprinkle-filled gelato to make a celebration cake milkshake. So, cake shakes all around? For that matter, how about celebration cake hot fudge sundaes?

With all of the dessert possibilities Celebration Cake Gelato opens up, it's no surprise that this product seems to be creating a buzz on social media already, with even paint company Benjamin Moore joining the discussion and chiming in on TikTok that "cake gelato will be my downfall."