13 Tomato Soup Brands, Ranked

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We're embarking on a delicious journey down memory lane, back to those cherished moments when a warm bowl of tomato soup and a perfectly paired grilled cheese sandwich could transport us to a world of comfort and culinary bliss. Ah, the magic of childhood lunches and cozy winter evenings.

We'll be exploring the mysterious world of canned, bagged, and cartoned tomato soups, where every brand claims to be the crème de la tomato crème. From classic, smooth blends to daring fire-roasted varieties, we'll leave no stone (or should we say tomato) unturned. Get ready to meet the zesty contenders, the spicy surprises, and maybe even the elusive tomato whisperer who knows the secret to soup perfection.

Prepare to soup-ercharge your taste buds as we dive into the juiciest, most tantalizing tomato soup showdown you've ever laid your hungry eyes on. It's time to find out which of these 13 brands are simply soup-erior and which ones just don't make the cut.

13. Annie's

Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? If there were an award for "Most Disappointing Soup," Annie's would certainly claim gold. The first spoonful left us wondering where the tomatoes were at. There was absolutely no tomato flavor whatsoever –- the blandest option on the list by far. All we could taste, and smell for that matter, was the pasta, which is the only star in this sad, sad show. Annie, we need you to do better.

Sure, the pasta had a decent texture, but that's about the only positive thing we can say about this soup. The lack of flavor, especially in a tomato-based soup, is simply unforgivable. Annie's Organic Creamy Tomato and Bunny Pasta Soup may have cute bunnies on the packaging, but it's nothing more than a masquerade. The lack of tomato flavor, the overpowering pasta presence, and the sodium overload with a taste nowhere to be found make for an overall unpleasant experience. Annie, we implore you to step up your game because this soup just didn't make the cut.

12. Kettle & Fire

Made with 6 grams of protein, no artificial anything, added collagen, and free-range chicken bones, Kettle & Fire's savory tomato bone broth soup is a heavyweight champion when it comes to healthy options. However, don't go into this bowl thinking this is a replacement for soup; it's definitely still a bone broth. The broth is super thin, and while it may closely resemble a tomato base, it doesn't smell like tomato at all. 

That smell extends to its taste. The majority of the flavor profile is overshadowed by the coconut base, and that was a big no for us. While there was a hint of tomato on the back end of a spoonful, the main notes are bitter, and there weren't a lot of other redeeming taste qualities to this option. Props to those health-conscious people who want to ensure they are eating a healthy tomato soup, but that ain't us.

11. Specially Selected

Aldi's version of tomato soup comes in a convenient reusable container. Just pop the top and put it right in the microwave, making this a perfect option for work. But that's where our love affair with this soup ended. When Aldi said sweet basil, they meant it. Woo, does this soup taste like candy, but that's not really what anyone wants in a tomato soup, is it? What should a be savory delight is a sweet treat, with a flavor that lingers in your mouth for far too long. We had trouble reconciling what we were looking at versus what it tasted like.

With all that sweetness and a small burst of basil, we had to check the sugar content, and boy, were we surprised. With 43 grams of sugar, this is a heck no from us. This tomato soup option completely missed the mark, and that's saying a lot considering this soup made it to 11th place. This soup does have flavor, but unless you're looking for a sugary snack during your lunchtime break, we'd suggest selecting another option.

10. Signature Select

At first glance, we couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Safeway's Signature Select tomato soup's appearance. Before adding water, this soup looked like ketchup, then transformed into the sauce's distant, watery cousin. As the cooking process unfolded, the soup become super thin, and the taste wasn't much better. The flavor was almost tart it was so sweet. It's not what you'd expect at all from tomato soup. It was too acidic for our taste and didn't hold up to that classic tomato soup flavor we all know and love.

While this soup offered a rich red color, that's about all we can put in the positive column. The thin texture and perplexingly sweet yet tart flavor gave us a taste experience we won't soon forget — and not in a good way. This is a soup that stands out for all the wrong reasons and one that we won't be trying again.

9. Amy's Organic Soups

Amy's thick and creamy organic tomato soup certainly got our taste buds doing somersaults. Ranking 9 out of 13 on our list, this one managed to capture our attention with its unique qualities. The thick and creamy texture certainly delivered on its promise, but the flavor left us yearning for more. An aggressive tomato taste took us by surprise, and not necessarily in the most pleasant way. It's like an acidic assault on the senses, with little sweetness to balance things out. We went back for another spoonful, hoping for a different outcome, but that same punchy tomato flavor persisted.

Here's where things get interesting. Like a fine wine, this soup's flavor evolves as it sits in the bowl. The initial aggression mellows out, allowing a hint of sweetness to emerge. But don't let that fool you, because the acid kick on the back end becomes even more pronounced. While we won't say that this soup is bad, it's important to note that it's not the comforting classic we were expecting. Instead, it proudly announces its "healthy" vibes. This isn't the comfort food you had as a kid, but hey, at least it tastes like tomato.

8. Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods' organic roasted red pepper and tomato bisque made a bold entrance onto our list. The moment we cracked open that can, the tantalizing aroma of peppers filled the air. The texture was also a force to be reckoned with. Thick, rich, and chunky — just the way we like it.

But let's get to the heart of the matter — the taste. We must admit, we expected a savory journey, but it took us down a sweeter path. The hearty, smoky, pepper flavor added a unique dimension to the bisque, and while it was enjoyable, it did border on being a bit too sweet for our taste buds. And speaking of peppers, boy, this soup's robust pepper profile almost overshadows the tomato base. While we appreciate the boldness, this soup did leave us longing for a bit more balance.

Overall, Pacific Foods' organic roasted red pepper and tomato bisque has a lot of tasty notes that sets it apart from the crowd. While the sweetness and pepper-forward flavor may not be everyone's cup of soup, those who have a love affair with peppers will find solace in this bisque. If you're a pepper enthusiast seeking a sweet and fiery adventure, this is the soup for you.

7. Progresso

Progresso's tomato soup wins the "middle-of-the-road" category, showcasing a balance that's neither outstanding nor dreadful. Thick and boasting a rich red coloring, it certainly looks like the perfect bowl of tomato soup. However, while we were hoping for a symphony of flavors, what greeted our taste buds was a bit underwhelming. The acidity took center stage, overpowering any potential excitement. And let's not forget the blandness that accompanied the acidity. It was as if the flavors were having a contest to see who could be the most unmemorable.

One might expect a tomato soup to burst with robust tomato goodness, but unfortunately, the watery taste didn't quite hit the mark. The only redeeming quality was the basil, adding a touch of herbaceous intrigue. While the basil adds a touch of excitement, it's not enough to make Progresso our first choice by any means. This soup would probably taste good with a grilled cheese sandwich, but it's not our first choice –- by far.

6. Great Value

We were surprised to see the number six spot go to Walmart's Great Value tomato soup. At first glance, it was hard to ignore the resemblance to ketchup before it's been spread on a burger or squeezed onto a hot dog. However, its rich, red coloring spoke of promises and possibilities, inviting us to take a taste. The moment the spoon met our lips, we were greeted with an unexpected sweetness. Great Value embraced the sweeter side of tomato soup, with a surprising salty twist that finishes the bite, providing a satisfying conclusion to the soup's flavor journey.

Great Value tomato soup may have found itself in the middle of the pack, but it's no ordinary contender. With its classic coloring and surprising combination of sweet and salty flavors, it offered a well-rounded experience. If you're like the sweeter end of the spectrum, give this one a try.

5. Market Basket

Another surprising contender was Market Basket's tomato soup. While we did get a little nervous when we opened the can and saw another ketchup-like consistency, the taste is far from a French fry condiment. The first thing that struck our taste buds was the unmistakable presence of salt. This soup has a great balance salty and sweet. With a whopping 860 milligrams per half cup (yes — you read that right), it's clear this soup came to play. But the salt wasn't as overpowering as you may think, offering us the perfect pairing for a delicious toasty sandwich. 

However, we must address the elephant in the room — the ingredient list. With the presence of items like high fructose corn syrup, there are definitely healthier options on the market. But honestly, we are here for the taste and not the health benefits.  Overall, Market Basket offers a solid tomato soup option for a sandwich complement, sauce base, or solo eating experience. It's not a Michelin star soup, but it definitely gets the job done.

4. Imagine

Imagine Organic Tomato Basil Creamy Soup managed to secure the fourth spot on our list, surprising us with a decadent flavor journey. With a mere 205 milligrams of sodium in a half cup of soup, Imagine showed us that flavor doesn't have to come at the cost of excessive saltiness. While we were expecting a tomato extravaganza, this soup had different plans in store. The moment the spoon graced our lips, it was like a celery party in our mouths. But let's not forget about the supporting cast; basil and garlic joined the party, too, adding their own delightful twists to the soup. 

However, the elephant in the room is the missing tomato. While the name suggests a tomato-centric experience, it seems that tomato took a back seat on this flavorful journey. On the plus side, this soup has a wealth of redeeming qualities, such as its organic ingredient list and resealable carton — a practical touch in a world where leftovers can be a delightful surprise the next day.

Our final thoughts: Imagine surprised us with its unconventional flavor journey. While it may not scream tomato soup in the traditional sense, it made up for it with an abundance of celery, basil, and garlic, creating a delicious flavor palate. We couldn't let this soup take a top three spot without more tomato, but this soup is one that shouldn't get passed by.

3. Nature's Promise

Taking the bronze is Stop & Shop's organic creamy tomato soup. We must admit, the packaging, which is a literal bag, gave us a moment of pause. But hey, it's 2023, and we're all about embracing new and unconventional experiences, right? Once we set aside our packaging concerns, we dove into the taste adventure that awaited us. And oh, how the flavor made us forget all about the bag!

While this soup didn't claim the top spot on our list, it still managed to impress us. The tomato base, while not super prominent, played a supporting role in this culinary production to the delicious basil flavoring and creamy texture. It burst onto the stage with an incredible performance, stealing the show and capturing our taste buds' attention.

But let's not overlook Stop & Shop's commitment to all-natural, organic ingredients. The soup showcases a healthy option for soup lovers, reminding us that good taste doesn't have to come at the expense of our well-being. In conclusion, Stop & Shop's organic soup offers a tasty surprise in unconventional packaging. This is a great tomato soup that boasts its basil addition, perfect for any cold night and sandwich pairing.

2. Campbell's

Campbell's — the legendary soup that has not only filled our bellies but also inspired famous works of art. With such a storied history, it's only fitting that we give this soup its due in our rankings. As we embarked on our tasting adventure, we were met with a thick and creamy texture that was reminiscent of childhood nostalgia. It's the kind of soup that instantly transports you back to cozy kitchen moments and simpler times. The flavor profile leans towards the sweet side rather than being overly salty, providing a delightful twist to the taste buds. And fear not, for this sweetness is well-balanced, ensuring a satisfying and harmonious soup experience.

Thick, creamy, and downright comforting, Campbell's tomato soup is the perfect companion for sandwiches, sauces, and gravies. It knows its role and plays it well, enhancing the flavors of other dishes and serving as a versatile base for culinary creativity. Whether you choose to use water or milk in the preparation, the consistency remains on point, neither too thin nor too thick.

We can safely say Campbell's tomato soup is an iconic and timeless choice that has stood the test of time. It's the OG brand that continues to deliver that classic soup experience we all know and love. You can't go wrong with Campbell's. Embrace the nostalgia, savor the sweetness, and let this soup transport you to a world of delicious comfort.

1. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Tomato Soup is here to steal the show. From the very first spoonful, you'll be transported to an artisan bakery, where the flavors are bold, the quality is top-notch, and satisfaction is guaranteed. And here's the secret ingredient that had us falling head over heels in love — cheddar cheese. Yes, you read that right. Trader Joe's knows that cheese makes everything better, and they've gracefully added it to this tomato soup masterpiece. It's like a symphony of flavors, with the tanginess of the tomatoes harmonizing perfectly with the creamy, cheesy goodness. This is not your average tomato soup.

But wait, there's more to love about this soup. Trader Joe's has gone the extra mile with a convenient resealable carton. Say goodbye to wasting leftovers or having to cook an entire batch. With this soup, you can customize your portion size, whether you want a hearty bowl or just a small cup to warm your soul. This soup also boasts a parade of organic ingredients, proving that TJ's knows how to bring quality to the table. Say goodbye to preservatives and artificial additives — this soup is all about the good stuff.

In the end, Trader Joe's tomato soup reigns supreme, claiming the top spot on our list with its unparalleled flavor and artisanal charm. So grab a spoon, dive in, and let the tomato and cheddar symphony take you on a delicious journey you won't soon forget!