The Saucy McDonald's Hack That's A One-Way Ticket To Soggy Fries

What is the perfect standard for a McDonald's fry? Should it be limp and soggy or should it be crispy and firm? It should be no surprise most people prefer their McDonald's fries golden and crispy and would rather keep them that way than turn them into noodle-like strings of undercooked potato. But there is one "hack" that may ruin your fries and leave them an oily mess. 

The hack in question, detailed by TikTok user "mydailyrecipes," involves taking an order of McDonald's fries and a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and putting them into a plastic container. Ranch dressing and either ketchup or barbeque sauce is then squirted on top of the fries and chicken nuggets before the container is covered and then shaken to mix everything together. The end result is that the fries and nuggets are covered in a ranch-sauce mixture, like how someone would mix ranch dressing into a salad. Although ketchup, barbeque sauce, and ranch are usually common and popular with fries and nuggets, this particular method seems like a very good way to make your fries soggy, since they soak up all of those sauces when mixed around in it. Even the nuggets may lose their crispy exterior as they absorb the grease and sauces. 

But what does the public at large think of this particular hack? Is this just another video meant solely to get views or is there something genuinely to this admittedly unorthodox trick?

Some viewers seemed confused by the hack

The video itself, although being part of a channel that specializes in daily recipes, seems to bill itself as an "ASMR McDonald's Hack." Presumably, people are meant to enjoy the sounds of the fries and nuggets being emptied into the container and shaken around. The uploader even claims to have seen a similar concept like this on the site before. While some viewers seemed to be in on the joke,  referencing a chicken nugget that was tossed out of the container by accident, other viewers seemed to be a bit more confused as to what the purpose of it is.

"Who eats soggy fries doe?" asked one viewer. "McDonald's fries taste like soggy cardboard after 3 minutes," criticized one viewer. "Why would I make it worse?" "Do you want soggy fries? Because that's how you get soggy fries," quipped another comment. If anything, people either seemed confused as to what the video's intentions were or were in support of the video, calling the finished product of sauce-covered chicken and fries "delicious."

While you may or may not enjoy tossing your chicken nuggets and fries in a variety of sauces, you'll probably want to know how to keep your fries from becoming soggy at all, even when you're on the drive home from the McDonald's.

Don't cram your fries into the bag

When you usually open that brown paper bag from the drive-thru, you'll notice your food is haphazardly laid inside sometimes. While the worst that could come out of it may be a squished cheeseburger or some spilled fries, it would seem that careful placement of your fries in that paper bag may actually help them crispy and fresh while you head home.

In order to keep your fries crispy, Bruno Bouchet, a Sydney radio producer and former teenage McDonald's employee, explained to Men's Health that the best thing to do is lay your container of fries horizontally at the bottom and then lay the rest of the food on top of it. Not only does the heat from the food keep the fries warm, but it also acts as an insulator, keeping the fries from losing heat. But what about wrapping the top of the bag up to keep heat from escaping? While this does keep the hot steam from leaving the fries, this steam actually introduces moisture back into the fries as it collects in the bag, leading to soggy, wet fries. 

So long as you keep your fries on the bottom of the bag and not toss them around in a mess of sauce, you'll find your fries from the Golden Arches will be as hot and as crispy as they were the moment they came out of the fryer.