DoorDash's Summer Of DashPass Is Officially Returning

Whether you're living in a bustling metropolis or just a college student crashed out in your dorm, you're probably more than familiar with DoorDash. Created in 2013 by Stanford University students, this food-delivery service has risen to become more than just a rinky-dink startup concept, now being one of the most successful and popular business ventures on the market. A testament to such popularity is that, as recently as 2021, DoorDash brought in a staggering $3 billion in revenue — certainly nothing to look down at!

Much like practically any full-fledged company, virtual or physical, DoorDash is no stranger to enticing its customer base with a variety of promotions, offers, and exclusive deals. One such promotion that's making its annual return is something known as the "Summer of DashPass," announced on May 30. DashPass, for those unfamiliar, is the premium version of DoorDash, offering unlimited deliveries from all sorts of different restaurants alongside a $0 delivery fee in exchange for a $9.99 subscription fee.

It seems that, to help kick off this summer season, DoorDash is offering its DashPass users not one, not two, but an incredible five weeks of savings and exclusive deals from a wide selection of restaurants and businesses. In fact, the Summer of DashPass is coming very soon! Below, you'll find a sample of what to expect when this five-week event launches in June.

Exclusive deals from fast food to sporting goods

Over the course of five weeks, starting on June 15 and ending July 19, DoorDash will offer DashPass guests a plethora of deals and promotions, with each week offering its own exclusive benefits. The businesses involved in the Summer of DashPass include Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Walgreens, and surprisingly, Dick's Sporting Goods (since it's technically a grocery store).

For example, in the first week of the event, from June 15 to June 21, DashPass members can get $10 off a $30 mobile order from Walgreens, a free Slurpee at 7-Eleven if they spend $5 on Friday, and $5 off a $30-or-more-order from Jack in the Box (alongside special access to the chain's Snoop Late Night Munchie Meal). Each week, up until July 19, will follow a similar pattern. It's important to remember, though, that once the week is up, you can't get access to most of that week's perks again. For example, if you try to order Jack in the Box after week one, you won't get that week-one deal.

If that wasn't enough, DashPass members can also be entered to win several impressive prizes, ranging from concert tickets to sporting-event seats to even an exclusive DoorDash-themed cooler. Of course, the only catch here is that one has to be a DashPass member first, meaning you'll have to start up a subscription to get access to all these perks and deals.