13 Worst Food Tattoos Ever

Tattoos are beautiful, personalized works of art to be admired and worn with pride. In a perfect world, the tattoo artist and his or her blank canvas share the same vision: to merge skin and ink, body and design in an artful manner. However, there are times when this mission goes awry, typically yielding some pretty hilarious and cringe—worthy results.  Whether the idea itself is off, or the execution is downright god awful, there's no denying that having a bad tattoo is embarrassing for everyone involved.

Click here for the 13 Worst Food Tattoos Ever (Slideshow)

Body art dates back several centuries in many cultures and hundreds of tattoo trends have come and gone over time. That includes one particularly appetizing category: the food tattoo.

Hardcore food-lovers will rock anything from a roll of sushi to a greasy, cheese covered burger. And in many cases, these inky morsels prove to be truly magnificent works of art. It is now customary for many famous chefs to adorn their skin with odes to their life's work. Take Stephanie Izard of Chicago's acclaimed Girl and the Goat who has one tattoo of a fish on her wrist, one of a pea tendril climbing her leg, and a large back piece featuring a budding basil plant circled by flying pigs.

However, some inked food lovers end up being the victims of dreadful culinary catastrophes. For instance, take the gentleman who took the road of melding bathroom humor with dessert. What, you've never seen a cupcake on a toilet before? Neither have we, and we hope this is the last.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but we're pretty sure if you have a flaming jellybean gracing your lower back, you're making it onto this list. Click through the slideshow for some more horrifying food tattoos gone wrong.