13 Ways To Cure A New Year's Hangover

You've watched the ball drop, you've kissed your loved one at midnight, you've drank all the bubbly you could find, and you've finally woken up from the bender that is New Year's Eve. And while we can always offer a "hair of the dog" drink to wake up to, it's not always enough to cure the queasy stomachs, pounding heads, and general "*%(%)@(@#*!" of a hangover

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Of course, there's plenty to be done to prevent hangovers (Google "Citrus Pit Hit" for a good laugh). You can always drink less, or dance off the booze. But if you're not one to rein it in on New Year's, we can still provide the solution to that nasty hangover. Fortunately, writer Cara Frost-Sharratt has done the work for us, finding some of the easiest, as well as the weirdest, ways to cure what ails you; you can find them all in her book 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover.

The older remedies in the book don't always sound very appetizing (never would we have thought that cabbage water would do the trick — but, hey, it apparently worked for the Romans). Thus in ranking some of Frost-Sharratt's kookier cures, we considered Taste Factor (we don't want to make you sicker than you already are) as well Procurement Possibility — that is, how easy they would be to obtain. Check out the weirdest hangover cures — and the ones guaranteed to work.