13 Ways To Cure A New Year's Hangover Slideshow

Bull's Penis Soup

Yes, you did in fact read that right. Caldo de cardan is a popular dish in Bolivia, where it's believed to cure aches and pains from a hangover, and boost your sex drive (we guess that's a win). Despite its popularity in Bolivia, we advise you don't go hunting for a bull to cure your hangover.

Procurement Possibility: 0 (Unless you're in South America!)

Taste Factor: n/a (We can't say we've actually tried it, and we're going to pass.)

Total Ranking: 0


Again, we don't recommend going out to hunt down a bird to cure a hangover. But canaries, once a delicacy in the Roman times, were considered thought to be good for hangovers, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. Not that there was any scientific evidence behind this, of course. Good thing that Forbes at least has a recipe for a fried canary, should we happen to catch one.

Availability Factor: 0 (Again, we don't advocate hunting for this.)

Taste Factor: n/a (We've not yet had experienced a canary — not that a fried bird wouldn't taste good.... we kid.) 

Total Ranking: 0

Eel and Almonds

Before you run to the bathroom to throw up all that bubbly rumbling in your stomach, hear us out: according to 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover, the oldest hangover cure in the book comes from the Middle Ages. What is it? A platter of dried eel and bitter almonds, a protein-packed, salty dish. But as writer Frost-Sharratt writes, ".. Chomping through a mound of dry fishy chunks, that could send a diner's stomach into freefall when there probably wasn't much comfort in a bathroom in the Middle Ages, sounds like hell."

Procurement Possibility: 2 (You may have almonds on hand, but where to get dried eel on New Year's Day?) 

Taste Factor: 2 (We can't really get on board with this combo.)

Total Ranking: 4

Milk Thistle

No, you don't eat it in this form: "sip on milk thistle," 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover advises. Milk thistle seeds, a common find in "an ancient medicine cabinet," help the liver get rid of unwanted toxins — and that includes alcohol. One test-drive of milk thistle extract proved it could eliminate nausea and energize the hung-over.

Procurement Possibility: 3 (Unless you happen to live near a natural health store that's open on New Year's Day, you may be out of luck.) 

Taste Factor: 4 (Not particularly good, but not particularly bad.) 

Total Ranking: 7

Cabbage Cooking Water

As if the thought of cabbage didn't already send some stomachs hurdling, imagine drinking the water of boiling cabbages. That's what the Roman emperors did to combat a hangover, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. "Of course you'll smell like a nursing home if you opt for this 'cure'," but who cares if it helps with your hangover," writes Frost-Sharratt.

Procurement Possibility: 6 (Not exactly a hard veggie to find.)

Taste Factor:

Total Ranking: 8

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

We know honey is a hangover-killer, but apple cider vinegar packs a potent punch, too. The combination, used mostly in Iceland, helps sooth headaches and queasy stomachs, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. Add to a mug of warm water, and sip away.

Procurement Possibility: 5 (You may have it already in the house, but stores may not have it on New Year's Day.) 

Taste Factor: 5 (A bit sour for our tastes, no?)

 Total Ranking: 10


Raw Eggs

"It's interesting that raw eggs seem to be eaten either by die-hard body builders or die-hard drinkers," writes Frost-Sharrott in 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. You'll get an insane punch of protein from an egg yolk, but the problem is eating a raw egg on its own (there's a good chance it will come right back up). Frost-Sharrot offers an easy solution, the Prairie Oyster: one egg, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a dash of white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. Take it like a shot, and you'll be cured (we hope).

Procurement Possibility: 9 (There's a good chance you'll have eggs laying around the kitchen.)

Taste Factor: 1 (Um, yeah.) 

Total Ranking: 10


Ginger Tea

While some may guzzle coffee first thing waking up with a hangover, ginger tea can be even more effective — especially if you wake up nauseous, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. Coffee won't settle your stomach, but ginger's properties will.

Procurement Possibility: 6 (Not the most common type of tea to have around the house.)

Taste Factor: 8 (Totally doable, compared to some of these options.)

Total Ranking: 14

Artichoke Extract

We finally have an excuse to indulge in some creamy, artichoke pizza after a night out (well, sort of). Artichoke extract is believed to help the liver digest alcohol, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. While you can buy artichoke extract on its own, a bite of the real thing will also do the trick. Says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover, "If you're still not convinced that vegetables can help with your hangover, combine this with water and food and you might be surprised at how quickly you start to feel human again."

Procurement Possibility: 7 (They're not in season, but most stores will carry them. And like we said, there's always artichoke pizza, a total win.)

Taste Factor: 8 (Depending if you like them, of course.)

Total Ranking: 15

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup: not just good for the soul. The combination of carbs, protein, and salt makes it a winning hangover cure, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. "Obviously, it needs to be served with lots of sympathy and cuddles to really have an effect," writes Frost-Sharrott. 

Procurement Possibility: 7 (There's a good chance you have some in the back of the pantry.)

Taste Factor: 10

Total Ranking: 17





It's all about the potassium. Because alcohol zaps the potassium out of your body, it needs to be replenished. Reach for a banana before heading to brunch; you'll thank yourself later. 

Procurement Possibility: 9 (Shop your fruit bowl!)

Taste Factor:

Total Ranking: 18



A Hearty Breakfast

Should it be any surprise that New Year's Day is the day of brunch? Here's the vitamins and hangover-busters you get from a good breakfast, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover:

  • Protein, from bacon
  • Carbohydrates and salt, from toast
  • Cysteine (a chemical that breaks down alcohol), from eggs

No better excuse to indulge in a breakfast sandwich (with a Bloody Mary, of course).

Procurement Possibility: 8 (This is greatly dependent on your quick thinking for New Year's Brunch: do you already have reservations? Do you need to wait two hours for a table? Can you make it two hours? Do you have the wear-with-all to cook brunch on your own?)

Taste Factor: 10 (Obviously.)

Total Ranking: 18 


Repeat after us: potassium, potassium, potassium. Potassium-rich foods, like honey, "is what the body craves after a night of drinking," says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. Plus, the fructose in honey helps the body burn off alcohol faster.

Procurement Possibility: 10 (A staple in the pantry.)

Taste Factor: 10

Total Ranking: 20

Peanut Butter Toast

Protein + carbs = cure, says 50 Ways to Cure a Hangover. It's why protein-packed peanut butter and carbo-loaded toast is such a winning combination for the morning after. Bonus if you add some honey to the mix.

Procurement Possibility: 10 (Phew!)

Taste Factor: 10

Total Ranking: 20