The 17 Best Places To Get Tacos In Philadelphia

Let's just say it: Any list of favorite foods without tacos in the first place is incorrect. It doesn't matter who you ask, those are the rules. Every major city features numerous locations that specialize in fantastic meals, and most include a favorite taco joint.

Philadelphia is a city that is known for its cheesesteaks, and while that is an excellent food item, it still falls short when compared to tacos. This list looks at some of the best locations in the "City of Brotherly Love" where customers can find tacos that will immediately satisfy their taste buds. This list includes restaurants that serve the "standard" idea of tacos as well as some locations that break out some unique options as well.

If you're a fan of tacos — and let's be honest, who isn't — make it a point to visit as many places on this list as possible. Grab a margarita or two while you're at it because you will not regret anything that you put in your mouth at these delicious taco spots.

Los Gallos

Los Gallos is up first, and it is a favorite in Philadelphia, recognized as one of the top places to enjoy tacos. Located on Wolf Street in Lower Moyamensing, Los Gallos Mexican Taqueria has been around for a decade and has kept its quaint feel the entire time. Los Gallos boasts an expansive menu that includes many traditional items such as sopas, tostadas, nachos, and burritos. But the real fun comes with their tacos selection that takes up an entire page of the menu.

Los Gallos offers tacos in two distinct ways. There's the traditional option, which is the version that many will recognize: soft shells, with different meat options, and some toppings. But then things get a little wild when they break out the tacos a la plancha and tacos rancheros. The former features onions, grilled jalapenos, avocado, and cactus, while the latter is topped with sour cream, lettuce, pico de gallo, and more. Better yet, customers can mix and match their toppings to their hearts' delight.

Los Gallos Mexican Taqueria is a near-perfect location for someone looking to partake in a tasty Mexican lunch or dinner. It is a small location, but its at-home feel keeps people coming back for more. Be sure to visit Los Gallos when the opportunity arises.

Loco Pez

Loco Pez is a favorite among Philadelphians, not only due to its tacos but because this restaurant is known for its fantastic margaritas as well. Loco Pez has three locations in Philadelphia, with one being on East Norris Street, another on Baltimore Ave, and the final on South 20th Street.

Each location has slight variations in its menu, but they feature some of the same items, such as a variety of tacos that come with many different types of meat like carne asada, chorizo, carnitas, pollo tinga, or even vegetarian options. Customers can also get some interesting toppings on their tacos, including sour cream.

This entry would be a failure on this list if the drink options at Loco Pez were not mentioned. Those that love their drinks will love Loco Pez, as it offers an extensive list of beers, many imported from Mexico, plus a long list of tequilas, like Olmeca, which is difficult to find in the United States. Patrons can purchase unique drinks or go with their standards during happy hour and dinner. Loco Pez has a lot to offer for those looking to order some great tacos in Philadelphia. Just don't forget to order from the drink menu to wash everything down.

Taqueria Amor

Taqueria Amor is also on the list of Philadelphia restaurants known for their tacos. This location can be found on Main Street, where it has been since 2003.

Taqueria Amor features several stapes of Mexican cuisine. This includes items like quesadillas, nachos, and antojitos. Of course, then there are the tacos. This restaurant boasts 10 diverse types of tacos. There are the regular versions that people would expect with meats such as pork, chicken, and steak. But there are others on the menu that include blackened mahi mahi, BBQ shrimp, brisket, and Korean BBQ.

For those looking to pair their tacos with some drinks, Taqueria Amor offers a midday special, Monday through Friday, with a two-course lunch menu and pitchers of margaritas at $35. Mixing these drinks and tacos together with outdoor seating during nice weather is a perfect blend. If you're looking for a place to enjoy tacos and margaritas either on your own or with a date, be sure to include Taqueria Amor on the list of options. This place will be a pleasant surprise for the variety of tastes and options for your order.

Sor Ynez

Sor Ynez is on this list not only because it is a restaurant that offers great tacos to patrons, but because it is a location that is a great starting point for what can be a fun night. Try one of the tacos and it will be clear why this restaurant is on the list. And what Sor Ynez lacks in a large offering of variety, is made up for with a tasteful product that is easy to enjoy.

Sor Ynez offers what is considered traditional Mexican food and does so with all the stylings of a restaurant you'd find in the middle of Mexico City. The menu boasts several items, but few options when it comes to tacos. Fish tacos are the main option listed, but patrons in the know are aware of the opportunity to ask for different types of proteins if they are nice to their waiter. The tortillas, along with the other ingredients, are well prepared to bring out the full flavor of the entire dish. This is possible due to their partnership with local farms at Masa Cooperative and Green Meadow Farm.

Located near many nightlife destinations, Sor Ynez may not offer a lengthy list of tacos like some of the smaller restaurants on this list, but it still deserves a shout-out when it comes to being a can't-miss location. Stop by for the start of your night out, catch a sports event, and enjoy a meal with a friend.

Don Barriga

Located on Spruce Street in Philadelphia, Don Barriga is another restaurant on this list that boasts authentic Mexican and customers can immediately know that includes great tacos. It's recognized as one of the best places for food in the city. And this place certainly delivers on that authentic feel.

Don Barriga sits on the corner of Spruce and South 45th Street and offers a complement of both indoor and outdoor seating. Unlike other options that tend to specialize in other meals throughout the day, Don Barriga offers a full slate of meals from breakfast to dinner, or just drinks for those looking for liquid refreshment.

Tacos come in servings of three and are available with the following proteins: steak, chicken, chorizo, triple, pastor, carnitas, ground beef, and vegetables for non-meat eaters. The tortillas are made to order, further boosting that "home kitchen" feel. Toppings include a variety of choices such as jalapeno peppers, scallions, cotija cheese, lime, and more. Some dishes come with standard additions, but customers can also mix and match them to their liking. With a full menu ready to serve multiple times a day, Don Barriga is a can't-miss restaurant for people looking to take in a great serving of tacos. The menu features several other reasons this spot is seen as one of Philadelphia's best and these tacos are among one of the top.

Taco Riendo

Taco Riendo is one of the restaurants on this list that can easily become your favorite hideaway from a busy day in the city. It is a small kitchen that will immediately invoke a feeling of being home in Mom's kitchen.

Taco Riendo offers meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a menu full of Mexican staples. That includes items such as huevos a la Mexicana, enchiladas verdes con pollo, burritos, and much more. And yes, that includes tacos. The tacos at Taco Riendo come in a variety of styles and protein selections. That includes carnitas, beef, chicken, shrimp, and fish. The main toppings available are white onions and lettuce, but customers can get those items personalized as well.

What makes Taco Riendo stand out is not for the food, but that it is a BYOB location. Instead of an expansive drink menu, Taco Riendo allows customers to bring their own alcoholic beverages to the restaurant. This makes it an interesting option for those looking for a new place to take a date. Regardless if you drink or not, Taco Riendo should certainly be on your list if you're looking for tacos in Philadelphia.

El Techo

El Techo is a spot in Philadelphia that brings people out for not only its great menu but also because it has some excellent views of the city. Oddly like a Washington D.C. Mexican restaurant named El Techo that also offers magnificent views while not related in any way, the Philadelphia installment is considered one of the best rooftop dining locations in the city.

This is certainly a spot to visit if you're looking for a relaxed start or end of an evening. The menu offers small plates that are meant for sharing. This includes tacos that come out in single servings. There are six versions that are available, which include pollo verde, carnitas, camaron, napoles, camote, and steak. Many of those share toppings, but some stand out with variety that includes pumpkin seed salsa, chintesle mayo, refried black beans, and others.

Located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia between Market and Walnut Streets, El Techo is also an excellent choice for someone who is just looking for a drink. The drink menu features the standard mix of cocktails, agaves, wine, and beer. If you're looking to take on the best tacos available in Philadelphia, do not leave El Techo off your list. Even though it might be hard, share a plate or two with someone worth the sacrifice.

South Philly Barbacoa

South Philly Barbacoa is a restaurant in the city that is well-known not only for its great food and drinks but being a location that is also important to activism within the community.

The tacos available at South Philly Barbacoa come in three distinct types: pancita, barbacoa, and veggies. When coupled with the house-made tortillas, and the variety of toppings, it's understandable why this is one of the favorite places within the city. This venue has perhaps the most basic menu of any on this list, as it includes both individual and family-style meals.

The restaurant is so popular that it has been featured on major shows like "Chef's Table" and "Ugly Delicious." The big story is around the founder of South Philly Barbacoa, Cristina Martinez who became a pivotal voice in the movement to support immigrants moving into the United States, recognizing among other things their importance to the service industry. It's important to recognize locations like South Philly Barbacoa for their tasty meals that include tacos and much more. But this spot is also on this list because of what it brings to the community as a whole.


Quetzally may be one of the smallest locations on this list, but it is another stalwart of Mexican cuisine in the Philadelphia area. The year 2023 will mark its decade-long tenure in creating a menu that satiates the community in search of Mexican meals.

Owner Jorge Pina is an immigrant from Mexico City and he brought the food he grew up on with him into Philly. Pina catered much of the restaurant after Mexico City, and that included inspiration in the menu, ingredients, and how the food is prepared. The tacos on the menu draw a strong parallel to the street tacos that are sold on streets throughout the major city. Nine assorted styles are available on the menu, including chorizo, shrimp, barbacoa, steak, and many more. There's a variety of toppings available for these tacos, all of which can be mixed to fit your own liking.

Quetzally is a must-visit option for anyone trying to check out the best places to get tacos in Philadelphia. While the location is in the United States, for some it may be the closest they get to tasting authentic food from Mexico City.

Café Ynez

Do you love brunch and dinner? Are tacos one of your favorite foods and do you live in Philadelphia? Then Café Ynez is a spot that is after your own heart. Executive chef Gabriel Romero breaks out a cuisine that boasts ties back to Aztec and Spanish origins for those looking for a meal at any time of day.

Each of the taco selections on the menu comes in pairs of two. They are all prepared with different proteins and toppings such as camarones, pescado, birria, or tuna. There are also the Ynez Tacos that are more akin to the "standard" idea of tacos with a protein of your choice, pico de gallo, cheese, and salsa. And if you really want to expand your taste horizons, check out the grasshopper taco, which is becoming a fan favorite.

The grasshopper tacos alone are an attractive reason to visit Café Ynez for those who are adventurous eaters. When mixed with the rest of the menu and its strong offering of drinks, be sure to keep this restaurant on your list of places to hit on the Philadelphia taco scene.

Blue Corn

Blue Corn is a fantastic location for those in Philadelphia to enjoy tacos. They offer a lot of the staple elements of Mexican cuisine, but they do so with a flare that helps set them apart from other locations.

The tacos available at Blue Corn come in groups of three and are available in multiple options. The proteins available come in two types of pork, skirt steak, and beef tripe. This location even has two rare types of beef cheek and beef tongue. Another reason that Blue Corn is unique to this list is that the tortillas come in the distinct colors of either blue or green. They taste the same as the standard types many other restaurants feature, but it is a nice bit of change for those that enjoy tacos.

The rest of the menu at Blue Corn features items that fans of Mexican restaurants will enjoy — think soups such as the sopa de tortilla, seafood cocktails, gorditas, and much more. Located on South 9th Street, this is a spot that should not be skipped for anyone looking to enjoy tacos in the city of Brotherly Love.

La Llorona Cantina

Telling a Mexican child you're taking them to see "La Llorona," will probably incite nightmares and crying, as the name translates roughly to "crybaby." But they may have a different reaction in Philly, where it's the name of one of the top taco spots in the city. 

The tacos at this restaurant come with diverse types of proteins, including al pastor, carne asada, chicken, and braised beef. There is also the opportunity to add cauliflower to your taco for a plant-based protein that can satisfy vegetarians. These tacos include different toppings such as avocado, sour cream, citrus, habanero, guacamole, and much more. The menu also features other items, including quesadillas, nachos, and more. The full list of entrees boasts items such as ribs, chicken and beans, shrimp, and more.

Unlike many restaurants, La Llorona's popularity took off during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was still a new restaurant. Amazingly, the company survived and has thrived since. The location now continues to grow, including a bar that offers drinks with Mexican tequila and more.

El Jarocho

El Jarocho is another popular taco restaurant in Philadelphia. Located on 13th Street, this option features a full menu across breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.

Focusing on tacos first, El Jarocho offers tacos in groups of three. Those tacos come with the protein options of pork, Mexican sausage, steak, grilled steak, chicken, and seasoned pork. These tacos are all served with cilantro and onion as standard options for toppings. From there, the menu continues to grow to feature more unique items. One such is the selection of sandwiches that are available at El Jarocho. The Mexican sandwiches come in a variety of options such as suzia, jarocha, Hawaiian, and Cuban.

What El Jarocho lacks compared to other restaurants on this list is that it does not include an expansive list of alcoholic drinks. Some individuals may go to these types of restaurants simply for the availability of different cocktails, and El Jarocho will not fulfill that need. On the other hand, their tacos more than hold their own.

Si Taqueria

Si Taqueria is a unique restaurant on this list because it is a two-in-one location. Are you looking for great tacos in Philadelphia? This Si Taqueria is your place to hit, but what if you are looking for something sweet after dinner? Then that is why this restaurant is the place for you.

The tacos are standard here, with nothing about them pushing the envelope. The proteins come with such options as beef birria, al pastor, carne asada, cactus, mole, and more. You can get these tacos for individual consumption and in family-style offerings.

After your meal, order from the Qui menu to get your sweet tooth filled. That menu switches from the Mexican flare of Si Taqueria to a French flare that boasts a wide variety of croissants, donuts, cookies, and more. Check out this restaurant to get the perfect one-two punch to meet your hunger needs.

Mole Poblano

Like other restaurants on this list, Mole Poblano is a small restaurant in South Philadelphia that has an at-home feel. With that comes several recipes that could be lifted right from a Mexican grandmother's kitchen. It is said that the recipe for the handmade tamales has been passed down through the family from generation to generation.

Also located on 9th Street in Philadelphia, Mole Poblano features six different types of tacos based on different styles of protein. Chicken, carnitas, marinated pork, Mexican sausage mixed with beef, steak tacos, and beef tongue are the options that are available The toppings are all the same, with onion and cilantro the go-to options.  From there, the menu continues to feature more items that are staples in Mexican cuisine, including fajitas, enchiladas, carne asada, sopas, and many more. The drink list does not include any alcoholic beverages, but it does have Mexican sodas and more.

Heffe Tacos

Want to go to Fishtown for tacos? Then Heffe Tacos is the spot for you. The tagline of "tacos that don't suck" should be more than enough to draw you in, but if not, this location boasts other features that make it a pleasant spot for your meal.

One look at the menu and it becomes clear that Heffe Tacos is a restaurant that does not take itself too seriously. Most of their menu items boast tongue-in-cheek names such as the Merman Tacos, which feature white fish and black beans as the main protein, or the Plain Jane Tacos, which are the basic beef, lettuce, and cheese tacos on a hard shell.

The selection of tacos on this list is quite low, with only four types available, but customers can make recommendations to mix and match options to make their own tacos within reason. The rest of the menu continues that trend of odd names for great meals and should not be ignored at all. Take note, this restaurant does not offer alcoholic beverages, but that should not stop you from visiting Heffe Tacos.

Mission Taqueria

Mission Taqueria is certainly a Philadelphia taco spot that has strong happy hour and entertainment vibes. Just from an aesthetic presentation, the vibrant colors give off the energy of a Miami or Vegas nightlife location. Take one look at the menu and you'll see a list of drinks that is as numerous as the food options. If you're looking for a place to grab food and libations, Mission Taqueria is the spot of choice.

The tacos at this spot are standard, offering variations that can be found on many similar menus from this list. Tacos come in pairs of two, both soft-shelled, and with proteins including carnitas, fried mahi mahi, wild shrimp, asparagus, chicken, cauliflower, and carne asada. The toppings for each taco vary among the group, but customers can mix and match the selections by request. When paired with hand-made tortillas and other fresh ingredients, these tacos all have a great taste. The prices range from $11 to $16, making it a beautiful place for a cheap meal with drinks before heading out on the town.