Is Costco Open On Memorial Day 2023?

The summer solstice doesn't happen until June, but everyone knows that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. This is the day that people open up their pools, sharpen their mower blades, and uncover their grills for the premiere barbecue of the season. There's a lot to prepare for the first long weekend of (hopefully) warm weather, so it's a good idea to set a plan, make a grocery list, and get your Costco shopping done ahead of time. That way, you can relax on the holiday itself and spend some time with your friends and family. After all, it's not like you'll be able to make your Costco trip on Memorial Day itself this year.

Even the most organized folks can plan all spring for Memorial Day, only to forget a crucial item or two at the last minute, like a tank of propane or a 36-pack of hot dogs. And Costco does indeed have pretty much everything you need for the holiday weekend, from grass seed for the lawn to beers for the cooler. But don't count on getting a bulk-shop in on the actual holiday, because Costco is closed on certain holidays every year, including Memorial Day. 2023 is no exception.

Costco's holidays are employee perks

While closures are a little inconvenient for shoppers who've run out of charcoal or need an extra jug of barbecue sauce, Costco's holidays are one of the major perks of working for the warehouse giant. In fact, in addition to Memorial Day, Costco is closed on the other big retail holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Labor Day, as well as New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and Independence Day. Employees are paid for that time off, and they also get the choice of taking a paid holiday right before or on the actual day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (This way, the store can still operate on that particular holiday.)

All that said, Costco is definitely open on the days leading up to Memorial Day. Just be sure to check specific times on its website, which says that there may be slight variations in hours for each location. Some departments, like the tire service center, pharmacy, and gas station might have different hours than the store itself. So, be sure to check the "Store Details" section of your local Costco if you're looking online for the availability of a specific department.

Memorial Day Weekend will be busy

If you've wisely planned ahead to hit up Costco before Memorial Day, keep in mind that almost everyone else (at least, the organized ones) are going to be shopping early, too. That means you should try and get your warehouse bargains in before the weekend starts, because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are going to be extra busy, and a lot of holiday weekend products will sell out. Normally, Sunday is the busiest day of the week at Costco, so that will probably be the most hectic day this weekend, too, followed by Saturday. Friday should also be busier than normal, so if you can sneak out in the morning, you might be able to beat the crowds, but the later evening rush will certainly be busy.

Your best bet for Memorial Day shopping is to head to Costco in the afternoon, Tuesday through Thursday. Not only will you be avoiding long lines and the chaos of battling with other holiday-weekend shoppers, but you'll also get the best selection of items before everything is picked over. Additionally, you won't have to worry about free samples being sold out.