The 12 Best Store-Bought Sheet Cakes, Ranked

Well, well, well, it looks like it's time for a cake-off! You might be thinking, "Wait, isn't baking a cake from scratch the only way to achieve perfection?" Nope! This article isn't about arguing with the purists: Sometimes you don't have the time, energy, or ingredients to whip up a masterpiece in your kitchen. That's where the convenience of store-bought sheet cakes comes into the discussion. Plus, who doesn't love the feeling of rebelling against societal pressure to always make sweets from scratch? Sometimes it's more fun — and delicious — to take an easier route.

From classic cake flavors to unexpected twists on the dessert, this article has the inside scoop on which cakes have the perfect balance of frosting and cake, which cakes to avoid completely, and which brands are so good that you'll be going back for seconds or thirds — no judgment here! So buckle up, grab a fork, and dive into our list of the 12 best store-bought sheet cakes.

12. Shaw's

Shaw's sheet cakes are a popular choice for those seeking a reasonably priced and convenient dessert option. Their bakery cakes come in various sizes, flavors, and designs, with options for customized messages and decorations. They offer premade 1/8, 1/4, half, and full sheet cakes ranging from $23 to $63, with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, marble, and carrot cake. Most cakes also come with some decor options, giving you the choice to add a personalized cake message or keep it plain and simple.

But why settle for pre-made cakes when you can have a custom creation? Shaw's bakery offers a variety of custom cakes, with single and double-layer options, along with individualized designer prints and fully decorated themes with Disney characters, princesses, race cars, and more for around $37 — though costs are higher for larger cakes. Unfortunately, these cakes are on the pricier side of budget grocery stores. Reviews suggest that while these cakes might not have the same homemade taste as other brands, they're still moist and enjoyable. Overall, Shaw's sheet cakes offer a decent value for those on a budget and living within New England. Sadly, the location-dependent offering puts these sheet cakes last on the list.

11. Market Basket

If you're in the market for a sweet treat that won't break the bank, look towards Market Basket! Its grocery store cakes vary in sizes and flavors but still offer affordable prices. However, they're still on the higher side of non-bakery pricing. But with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and marble, and options to add extra decorations, these cakes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Market Basket's bakery offers sheet cakes ranging in size from 1/4 to full sheets, serving between 15 to 60 people. Cake prices start at $27 and cap at $64 for their largest option. Edible images and drawings are available to add to your cake for just an additional $7. For the graduates in your life, you can add a graduation cap decoration for only $3.

While the pricing may be a bit on the higher side for a grocery store, reviews suggest that these cakes are moist, flavorful, and well worth the price. Unfortunately, Market Basket stores are only located in the North East, making this option one for New Englanders only. Although may taste good, like Shaw's, its inaccessibility ranks this dessert lower on our list.

10. Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop sheet cakes are another convenient and budget-friendly option, with reliable cake flavors like gold, chocolate, and marble. Unlike your other standard flavors, Stop & Shop is here to please! You can find pre-made non-dairy options and unique flavors like cookies and cream and strawberry shortcake! These cakes are also customizable with a range of icing colors, layers, and decorations. Order a custom-printed design on your sheet cake for a friend's retirement party. Or you can grab a princess cake for a special birthday treat for a little one. From 1/4 to a full sheet cake, pricing starts at $30. But its bakeries offer more than most grocery retailers. However, you'll have to call ahead or visit your local store for more information. But this interaction will ensure your cake is the best it can be — no matter the occasion!

The cakes' positive reviews speak for themselves, too. Many customers feel that their custom cakes were perfect, offering a bakery feel without a high price tag. However, Stop & Shop stores are only found in five of the northern states. While these unique flavors make this location a standout choice, its inaccessibility limits it from ranking higher.

9. Whole Foods

On the pricier side of store-bought sheet cakes, Whole Foods definitely takes the... well, you get it! However, these cakes aren't your typical grocery store finds. Whole Foods is known for its quality ingredients and that approach absolutely extends to its cake selection, too.

While each store has differing varieties of same-day takeaway and pre-made cakes that vary by location, the real value and effort come from buying one of Whole Foods' custom cakes. With an array of offerings, you're guaranteed a high-end, tasty, sheet cake treat — a great option that mirrors a boutique bakery cake.

Customers can choose from their signature Almond Cake or Tres Leches trays, which start at $50. Or customers can take a more traditional route and order Whole Foods' chocolate cake, a celebration cake, a berry chantilly, and more. Half and full-size sheet cakes are available in all flavors, and custom decorations can be added for a fee. Although the quality is there, its prices are the highest on this list. Some feel you might as well order from a boutique bakery, but for convenience and care, Whole Foods is there!

8. Kroger

Kroger has simple and standard sheet cakes for sale in their bakery sections in all of its locations, providing customers with excellent and hassle-free cakes for all occasions. 1/8 sheet cakes start at $15 and prices climb as high as $70 for a full sheet cake. However, you won't find just your standard chocolate and vanilla flavors here. Make room for red velvet and confetti flavors, too! Kroger has several pre-made cake options already decorated, giving us a solution for our last-minute cake needs. They also have an online custom cake builder that you can use to create the perfect celebratory sweet treat. What's the catch? The more you customize your cake, the higher its price will be.

While these cakes can get pricey, people enjoy the taste and texture of Kroger's cakes, putting this option above others on the list. Many choose Kroger over other store-bought options and boutique bakery options for their yearly birthdays and parties. Sometimes you have to pay for what you get, and that seems to be true with this dessert choice. The downside? Kroger stores are only found in the Midwest and the South, making this option one of the less accessible on the list.

7. Wegmans

Looking for a sheet cake that will be the icing on the literal cake at your next celebration? Look no further than Wegmans. Their custom 1/4 sheet cakes start at $29 and increase to $65 for a full sheet, making them an average pricing option that won't break the bank. While basic decorations like balloons and roses are complimentary, you can opt for delicious fillings like creams or berries for an added cost. They even have a gluten-free sheet cake for those with specific dietary requirements, starting at $22. From personalized photos to graduation toppers, there are endless choices of decorations to add — if you're willing to pay.

However, you can also opt for their pre-made cake selections with gold or chocolate cake complete with sumptuous buttercream frosting. A quarter cake starts at $25 and averages the same price as most other chain grocery stores.

Wegmans' cakes are liked by many. While the frosting is tasty and the texture is moist and fluffy, many complain that the decorating is just not up to par with other grocery and store-bought brands. It seems this affordable brand is good when you're in a tight pinch for something quick. But for more complex celebrations, opt for another baker.

6. Carvel

Nothing says store-bought cake like Carvel. These iconic ice cream cakes are known all over, and they are worth every penny — though you will spend several pennies. Ranking the highest in cost for a base-level, pre-made cake, customers will average over $50 for one sheet. Small sheet cakes start at $45, and the large options start at $80. That's a lot of dough for a cake!

But its real value is flavor when it comes to Carvel. The company has been around since 1929 and its historic knowledge shows. Five-star reviews are the name of the game with this cold classic cake, bringing a smile to everyone's face. Not only are Carvel's cakes delicious, but you can buy them same-day at most grocery store chains. These cakes are all over the freezer section of popular stores, lesser-known retail locations, and sold at its storefronts. You can also customize the size and design of these cakes, adding edible images and flower decor for an added cost.

However, if you're looking for a fancy cake, look elsewhere. Carvel is a simple, ice cream cake staple that offers consistent quality. But you won't be seeing high-end cakes for weddings or colorful creations from Marvel or Disney. Since they are casual — but beloved — cakes at a higher cost, they rank higher on the list due to their fan-favorite factor.

5. Walmart

Walmart is a top choice for sheet cakes, as they always have an array of sizes, traditional and nontraditional flavors, and a variety of decorated cakes in stock. Unlike the other options, Walmart is truly budget-friendly, with quarter sheet cakes ringing in at under $20. At most locations, you can even get a customized cake of this size for under $30. From intricate character cakes and space-themed masterpieces for kids to elegant wedding designs and graduation celebrations, Walmart really can do it all. However, this is where Walmart's ranking comes into play

When reading reviews, it seems Walmart bakeries are inconsistent, with some cake designers really missing the mark. But taste and personalized touches keep people coming back for more with an array of cake flavor and frosting options, along with size and pricing for your budget.

When it comes to Walmart, these stores are everywhere with pre-made options ready for pick-up right now. Convenience is the name of the game with this store chain, but you may want to check your local reviews first. 

4. Dairy Queen

Spice up your celebration with another ice cream cake option, and head to Dairy Queen before your next party. While DQ doesn't have a huge selection of pre-made sheet cake options in stores (only one to be exact), you can custom order your ice cream cake and make it as bold or as simple as you'd like. A standard 11" x 14" sheet cake rings in at $32, with the Blizzard option packed with chunks of your favorite Blizzard mix-ins for only a few dollars more. Their custom cakes made right in-store start at $38 and can be designed to match any celebration, from Mother's Day to birthdays.

However, DQ cakes can only be found at certain DQ locations, making this option more inaccessible than most. And with a higher price tag than most grocery store options, you really have to want a DQ cake to make it worth the trouble. But what they lack in budget, needs, and accessibility, they make up for in taste. The star of the show is their fudge and crunch center, which is surrounded by their iconic vanilla and chocolate soft serve, creating a truly decadent dessert experience. 

DQ has "saved the day" for many customers needing cakes in a pinch, and outside of some customer service issues, the quality and taste you know and love are always on point. For a stellar cake that will make anyone smile, open that wallet and go for gold with DQ.

3. Sam's Club

The custom sheet cake options are endless at Sam's Club, with a variety of fonts, colors, frostings, decorations, cake flavors, and more in their custom cake book. You won't even know where to begin as you flip through the colorful pages of licensed characters like PAW Patrol, gorgeous wedding designs with succulents and flowers, and personalized edible photo options.

Sam's Club pricing is also super low with full sheet cake options, starting at under $50. Thankfully, this price point falls far below the pricing of many cake options on the list. You can walk into a Sam's Club store today and get a 1/8 sheet cake for $16, making you the hero of any party!

Also, cake reviews are mostly positive, with Sam's Club members confessing their loyalty to the reliable brand. From pre-made cakes to fully custom treats for large parties, they can do it all! However, you have to be a member to access these sweet treats. That added cost doesn't work for many shoppers, making those low prices only accessible to a limited pool of shoppers.

2. Costco

Coming in as runner-up to the best store-bought sheet cake title is Costco. Known for its bakery quality and affordability, consistently moist cake, and sweet frosting, the brand's customers have nothing but good things to say about its cakes. With two main flavors, various sizes, and ample design choices, customers can grab a cake on the fly or customize their cake for any occasion. 

While some feel Costco cakes aren't as fun and creative at the base level, there are many Costco bakeries around the country that are creating fully personalized wedding cakes, character cakes, and more with quality results. These cakes are truly a bargain, starting at $12 per cake!

So, why did Costco miss out on landing our number one spot on our list? Like Sam's Club, it requires a pesky membership fee! Without that membership card, cakes will cost more overall. That $12 bargain will look more like $20.

1. Publix

Publix definitely has the custom sheet cake game figured out, taking the number one spot on Daily Meal's list of store-bought sheet cakes. This grocery chain offers the most diverse flavors with cake, frosting, and decoration options. They can transform a regular sheet cake into an ice cream cake! You can grab a pre-made sheet cake at any location, along with the option to customize your cake at their bakery counter. From flavors like raspberry, rocky road, cannoli supreme, and chocolate avalanche, these cakes and their stellar decorations will have you singing. 

With pricing that starts at $26, you can go big or take a simple cake home. Publix has high-end reviews on TripAdvisor and many other blogs and review sites are on the same sheet cake page, boasting five-star reviews of its cakes. With happy customers, an array of unique flavors and styles, and moderate pricing, nothing beats Publix. Try one out and be the hit of your next celebration.