The Trick To Get Even More Lime Flavor In Your Coronas

There's something about the combination of Corona and lime that screams summertime vibes. Maybe it's the refreshing taste or the bright burst of tangy citrus that perfectly complements the light, crisp flavor of the beer. Either way, it's a classic pairing that's become a staple at barbecues, beach days, and lazy afternoons spent lounging in the sun.

However, have you ever seen how some people add lime to their Coronas? They drip a little bit of lime juice into their bottles and call it a day. Sure, it's tasty, but to really experience the full depth of flavor that this iconic duo has to offer, you've got to go a step further.

Introducing: the unorthodox yet totally delicious hack for enhancing your Coronas. If you want to enjoy a cold bottle of beer with a zesty burst of lime, then all you have to do is squeeze the lime juice entirely into the bottle, drop the lime in, use your thumb to block the mouth of the bottle, and give it a gentle, topsy-turvy shake with all that fresh lime juice inside. 

You'll get an explosion of flavor without any mess involved. If that's what you're after, here's why lime pairs so well with this crisp pale lager and how to properly consume Corona to ensure a drink packed full of flavor.

Embrace the lime to zestily unlock the potential of your Corona

So why is lime the ultimate companion to Corona beer? Some say it's just tradition, a nod to the beer's Mexican roots and the country's production of fresh citrus. Others say it's because the lime's acidic tang perfectly balances out the beer's subtle, slightly sweet flavor.

And then there are those who swear that the lime is there to combat the "skunky" taste that can occasionally plague Coronas that have been exposed to too much light. This is a convincing explanation for why lime pairs so well with an ice-cold Corona. As most experts note, Coronas aren't particularly elaborate beers; they're light and effervescent with a hint of bitterness that the citrus in the limes can cut through and balance out.

Perhaps the lime-flavored lingering bubbles felt in the back of your throat after sipping a swig of Corona with lime are what our taste buds seem to love so much — the effervescence and citrus flavors serve as a reminder of our favorite lemon-lime sodas. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that a cold Corona with a freshly squeezed lime wedge is an unbeatable combination. It's like they were meant to be together — two halves of a perfect whole like gin and tonic or whiskey and vermouth (the base of the classic Manhattan).

The art of preparing and drinking Corona like a pro

When it comes to drinking Corona, there are a few things to remember if you want to do it right. First and foremost, make sure your beer is ice cold. There's nothing worse than a lukewarm Corona on a hot summer day.

But beyond that, is there really a "proper" way to drink a Corona with lime? According to a representative from the company, the answer is no. Some people swear by solely squeezing the lime juice in and swirling the drink around in their hands. Others even swear by a dash of hot sauce along with the lime — a spicy twist you'll find in most Michelada recipes.

A conversation with VinePair revealed that while many people have theories about the "right" way to add lime to the Mexican beer, there are no hard and fast rules. "Everyone has their own way of dropping in the lime — squeeze and drop in; squeeze only; pop in and turn the bottle upside down — there is no wrong way as long as the cerveza is cold," Corona's spokesperson told VinePair.

So whether you're sipping the drink slowly with a lime wedge or pounding it back quickly with a plate of tacos, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to drink a Corona. Just make sure that, if you are going to add lime, you add it to an ice-cold bottle and then follow the tip above.