'Pickles In A Blanket' Is The TikTok Recipe That Snack-Lovers Have To Try

The next time you feel hungry for a unique new snack, pickles in a blanket will satisfy your cravings for pickles and cheese alike. The snack, not to be confused with pigs in a blanket, takes two of your favorite sandwich ingredients to new heights, and TikTok is thoroughly enjoying it.

Pickles in a blanket is a simple concept: a pickle wrapped in fried cheese. TikTok user Claire Snyder, who posted the viral video, admitted that while her husband thinks her self-described guilty pleasure snack is gross, it has become a go-to for her. She's not alone, either. Two months after the video was posted, it had snagged 13.2 million views and thousands of comments expressing a desire to try the snack. People have loved fried cheese for centuries, and the internet loves a good out-of-the-box food pairing, so it is no surprise that pickles in a blanket have become so popular.

How to make pickles in a blanket

Part of the appeal of pickles in a blanket is its easy to make. In just under one minute, the viral TikTok video shows exactly how to make the snack, and thankfully, the treat doesn't require an abundance of time or a kitchen full of specialized equipment.


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All you need to do is spread oil in a pan, fry a piece of cheese large enough to hold a pickle, and place the pickle in the middle of the cheese. As the cheese fries, it'll shrink around the pickle, giving the cheese crispy edges. Once your cheese is golden-brown, wrap those crisp edges around the pickle until the cheese swaddles it. For the tastiest results, don't wait to try your pickle in a blanket — it's delicious hot. As for which cheese to use, several TikTok users have tried this with a variety and haven't reached a consensus, but whichever variety you choose, if you enjoy it with pickles on your burger, you're sure to love it in this snack. Pickles in a blanket is a viral winner with an illustrious history backing up its flavor profile — which is all the more reason that you should try it today.

The history of cheese and pickles as a snack

Pickles in a blanket may have become mainstream thanks to that viral TikTok video, but variations of pickles and fried cheese have made the rounds long before Claire Snyder revealed her guilty pleasure snack. This trend has deep roots that started centuries ago.

Pickles have been around for thousands of years, and fried pickles have been a Southern staple since 1962. There have since been many versions, including some that involve frying cheese onto pickle rounds. Britain has married the two into the cheese and pickle sandwich, which features cheese slices coated in a relish-like spread. The sandwich soon became a classic and has been a top seller in the country. 

Some people may view pickles in a blanket as odd, but there has long been a demand for this flavor combination (showcased best in a pickle-flavored seasoning), which is why TikTokers everywhere are eating it up.