The Best Tool For Saving Money At Trader Joe's Is Already In The Store

There's an app for just about anything these days — but not if you're shopping at Trader Joe's. The popular grocery store has a reputation for offering exclusive products at affordable prices, but it doesn't pass along savings by having customers sign up for a loyalty program, coupons, or smartphone apps. In fact, Trader Joe's notes on its website that it don't offer these things. (It does, however, honor manufacturer coupons.)

There are several ways to save money at Trader Joe's, though, and one of the best is already right in the store: the Fearless Flyer. Trader Joe's doesn't run sales, but the grocery chain often promotes specific products or limited-time items, which will be listed in the handy little guide.

You can snag one of the printed Fearless Flyer copies in the store, or you can download a digital version before you head out to help plan your shopping trip.

Trader Joe's offers a lot of digital help

The Fearless Flyer is updated at various intervals throughout the year. New editions aren't released weekly, like other grocery store circulars. But you can get a new flyer emailed to you when it's available. 

To get the most of the flyer, use it conjunction with the Trader Joe's electronic newsletter. Like the Fearless Flyer, the newsletter is free and updated regularly. It will alert you to upcoming events and contests, and it gives shoppers a sneak peek at the flyer before it's printed. Customers can subscribe on the Trader Joe's website

On the TJ's website, fans can also find the newest products, recipes, and announcements, along with guides for entertaining, spring-cleaning the refrigerator, and more. Trader Joe's even has a podcast, where employees discuss all things TJ's. While the store doesn't have an app, it does have digital offerings for shoppers. 

Saving money at Trader Joe's

There's no app, store coupons, or sales, but you can still save money when shopping at Trader Joe's. For one, Trader Joe's carries in-house generic items that are often cheaper than their name-brand counterparts. And the store has worked to keep popular products, such as bananas, cheap for years. Trader Joe's also hosts regular bag raffles, complete with gift card giveaways, for customers who bring reusable shopping bags.

The store is well-known for its sample policy, too. If you want to try something before you buy it, ask and you shall (probably) receive. Just flag down an employee and ask to try the product you're unsure about. This can ensure that you don't waste money on products you won't actually like. 

But let's say you do buy a less-than-savory frozen dinner or accidentally pick up a bag of salad that's going bad. Don't throw it out — the company has a generous return policy that allows you to get a refund on items you won't eat.