Oprah's Favorite Chicken Sandwich Packs A Major Flavor Bomb Bun

Ah, fried chicken and biscuits — a classic and delicious Southern dish. Crispy chicken is paired with soft biscuits for savory contrast. This comfort food has become a craze in the fast food world, with popular restaurants offering their own takes on the mouthwatering combination. Bojangles, for instance, has capitalized on their Cajun chicken filet biscuit, a chicken breast with various seasonings sandwiched in a buttermilk biscuit.

Of course, there are fancier versions of this recipe that you can try at home. Kenny Gilbert, Oprah's longtime personal chef, shared a one-of-a-kind version that packs major flavor. The renowned TV host is a huge fan of this meal — and with good reason.

In a Robb Report feature, Gilbert describes one occasion when celebrities, including Oprah and Gayle King's son Will, convened for dinner. Gilbert said, "[Will] had made his biscuit sandwich with both my Fernandina Beach hot sauce and local honey — the combination that inspired my Flavor Bomb Sauce. Will suggested she try it, and Ms. Winfrey took his advice. " To say the least, Oprah was pleased. He continues, "Later, she said, 'Kenny, it is worth flying you out here just for your fried chicken and biscuits.'" 

The biscuit's ingredients

There are a couple of components that make this chicken sandwich stand out. The recipe stays true to its name — flavor bomb. Dipped in a buttermilk base, the fried chicken is coated in a special sauce made with honey, apple cider vinegar, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, and oranges. The peppers and Cajun seasoning add some spice to the slightly sweet sauce. Then, there are the biscuits — and these aren't just any ordinary biscuits. These bready wonders integrate Gouda cheese, chives, and black truffle oil for a rich, complex flavor.

This rendition of fried chicken and biscuits can be found at Kenny Gilbert's restaurant, Silkie's Chicken & Champagne Bar, located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Flavor Bomb, which costs less than $20, can be ordered as a sandwich or combo. It's also served with assorted pickled vegetables. There are other variations of the chicken sandwich, as well. And if you'd like to try different biscuits, there's a whole section dedicated to them. Buttermilk, plantain ginger and turmeric, jalapeno cheddar, and truffle gouda with chives make up this part of the menu.

Kenny Gilbert's signature fried chicken seasoning

Of course, Kenny Gilbert's delectable creations wouldn't be complete without his signature seasonings. In a YouTube video for his channel, the chef reveals that he came up with his spices over a decade ago. The blends include jerk spice, Moroccan spice, fried chicken seasoning, and cinnamon coffee rub. Gilbert shares details about his fried chicken seasoning, saying, "So, I came out with my fried chicken seasoning one year when I was out cooking for Oprah Winfrey during the holidays." He explains that his friend, who was Oprah's personal chef, asked him to make some top-notch fried chicken. He then made a blend of spices, including white pepper, ground mustard seed, cumin, and coriander, for a nuanced flavor.

In an interview for "At Home With Didiayer," Gilbert demonstrates how to make his Fernandina beach hot chicken, a best-seller on the menu at Gilbert's Underground Kitchen. He explains, "It's just comforting. It's something easy to share. And that's the whole idea of our concept here. We wanted something very casual, very local and regional, for people to enjoy." The dish is made with chicken seasoning, cajun spice, and his special spicy sauce. Once the chicken is fried, he dunks it in the sauce. Pickles and bread are served with the protein, which he says are essential accompaniments. While Gilbert's Flavor Bomb sandwich has garnered much acclaim, his other fried chicken recipes have also become massively popular.