What Beginner Chefs Should Know About Publix's Cooking School

If you're interested in cooking, chances are you'd like to go to a cooking school. While this is an admirable dream, the problem is that college — and cooking schools — aren't exactly cheap. You might love to be able to learn new recipes and new skills, but the idea of taking out a gigantic loan probably isn't all that appealing to you. What you want is to go to a cooking school that doesn't cost much, is relatively close, and will teach you the very fundamentals you need to become a good chef. If this sounds at all like your cup of tea, then maybe you should head down to your local Publix.

"Publix?" you think, "Isn't that just a supermarket?" While it is true that Publix is a supermarket at its core, known for its subs and its many locations in Florida (totaling 860 as of 2023), the supermarket strives to make itself stand out from the rest. Billing itself the place where "shopping is a pleasure," Publix offers many unique perks ranging from free prescription medications, giving kids free cookies at its in-store bakery, and having employees carry groceries to your car. Indeed, Publix wants to market itself as not just another supermarket, but a place where customers can feel welcome no matter what.

It would also seem that Publix is interested in teaching novice chefs a thing or two. The supermarket chain actually has its own cooking class that's open to anyone.

Look for the Apron Cooking School at your local Publix

Imagine walking into your local Publix to stock up on groceries for the month and you notice that the entire store is filled not with customers, but students — students for the in-store cooking class. While this may sound a bit exaggerated, the idea of Publix having an in-store cooking class isn't too far-fetched.

In certain Publix stores, you may notice a kiosk called the "Apron Cooking School." This "cooking school" usually features a different "recipe of the day" printed on cards stocked at the kiosk. A professional chef demonstrates different techniques and methods on how to prepare that recipe while you watch. For example, if the recipe of the day is something like "roasted chicken with roast potatoes and asparagus," the chef will demonstrate methods such as how to string or butterfly the chicken, what the best method is how to roast asparagus, or how to get the crispiest potatoes. In fact, not only does the chef showcase how to prepare the recipe step-by-step, but each ingredient for the recipe is available directly at the kiosk itself.

The Apron Cooking School isn't available at all Publix stores across the country. According to the Publix website, most of the classes are available in stores across Florida, with a few being offered in Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia. While it may not be nationwide, it's still a pretty good learning tool for customers looking for inspiration or tips.

There's an online cooking school, too

If you don't happen to live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia, or even near a Publix at all for that matter, you may be upset that you can't participate in the Apron Cooking School. But thanks to the internet, you can follow the Apron Cooking School online.

According to the cooking school's website, there are four seasons of the Apron Cooking School available for viewing. Each episode covers a variety of subjects, ranging from summertime dishes (as in the latest episode) to tailgating parties to dishes you can make in the air fryer. The episodes feature a rotating cast of chefs and are usually anywhere between five to 10 minutes long. They're perfect for brushing up on new skills and learning new recipes quickly and easily. You could even binge-watch the series — if you're into that sort of thing.

Included with each episode is a list of key ingredients that you will need so that even if you aren't anywhere near a Publix, you can still stock up on exactly what you need to make each recipe. Episodes often specify that you'll need something like Ghiradelli chocolate or Chobani oat milk as key ingredients — rather than leaving you guessing as to the items or brands you'll need for each recipe. So even if you're not in Publix's general area, at least you'll still have a good (virtual) cooking primer to help you out.