Fans Of Trader Joe's Cheese Are Buzzing Over A New Nostalgic Product

Trader Joe's cheese section is a destination point for fans of the popular grocer. With a vast array of wedges and blocks that range from simple soft-ripened blue cheese and creamy triple creme brie, to a 1,000-day aged gouda and Italian truffle cheese, there's no shortage of pairings for your Two-Buck Chuck.

One fan favorite is the Unexpected Cheddar. The creamy cheese has the classic slight tang of cheddar, with undertones of nuttiness that are reminiscent of parmesan. This chunk of cheddar was chosen so many times for Trader Joe's Customer Choice awards that it's now in their Hall of Fame — and it's also the base of their popular new Unexpected Cheddar Spread.

The new spread combines this TJ's champion of cheddar with whey and salted butter for a creamy, spreadable version of the award-winning original. A tub of the spread sells for just under $5, if you're able to snag one before the legions of newfound fans.

What are people saying about TJ's new Unexpected Cheddar Spread?

The new spread hit shelves in fall of 2022, and fans were quick to give feedback. One TikTok user recommended it to their keto followers, comparing it to a Ritz cracker cheese spread and calling it "perfection." Meanwhile, another reviewer said the dip "rocked [her] world," and was reminiscent of the type of cheese served in pre-packaged snack packs with miniature breadsticks.


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Many Redditors on one thread were equally impressed, proclaiming that it is their favorite product at Trader Joe's, while a couple of others said they had to stop buying it because they loved it so much. Meanwhile, another commenter who isn't a fan of the original block of Unexpected Cheddar said they adore the new spread.

And it seems Reddit can't get enough of the spreadable cheese, with another thread dedicated to it. The original post is titled "Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread new product. It's absolutely life changing!" and the contributions are equally enthusiastic.

How to use Unexpected Cheddar Spread

Fans of the spread on the Reddit boards recommend using the spread on anything from apples to potatoes. They're also fans of spreading it on other TJ's products like Pretzel Slims, Super Seedy Cheese Snack Bites, Everything But The Bagel Crackers, and Raisin Rosemary Crisps.

Meanwhile, TikTok users can be seen spreading the buttery cheese on crusty bread to make a decadent grilled cheese. Another whips-up creamy scrambled eggs.

It would seem there are endless possibilities for how to use this decadent, cheesy spread. It can be your new favorite party appetizer — add it to a cheese board or serve it as a dip with crackers and veggies. You can also elevate your sandwiches by spreading it on bread, or upgrade your mac and cheese by throwing a dollop into your favorite recipe. Regardless of how you choose to use it, this may be the best $5 investment you'll make at Trader Joe's.