Can't Find Kahlúa? Make A Replacement With Just 3 Ingredients

If you're a Kahlúa fan, then you've likely experimented with cocktails like Espresso Martinis, White Russians, Black Russians, or Mudslides. On its website, the popular coffee liqueur brand recommends 19 coffee-based drinks you may want to try, from a Vodka Espresso to an Irish Coffee to a Long Island Iced Coffee. But if you'd like some caffeine with an added kick and Kahlúa is nowhere to be found, you may have some substitutes in your kitchen that act as equally satisfying alternatives. 

If you're craving coffee and booze, you can whip up your own version of Kahlúa by boiling coffee and brown or white sugar and mixing them together in a pan. After you turn down the heat, you can add vanilla extract and, depending on your preferences, rum or vodka, into your mock-Kahlúa. After you pour the mix into a container, you'll want to store it somewhere cold until it's ready to enjoy. Some recipes suggest that you may want to use double or strong-brewed coffee. While Kahlúa lovers who enjoy making new concoctions may appreciate this recommendation, if you're not in the mood to make your own Kahlúa, there are plenty of other substitutes you can use for Kahlúa as well.  

What are some good Kahlúa substitutes?

In the mood for a Frozen Mudslide? Try adding some Tia Maria, a Jamaican coffee liqueur resembling Kahlúa, to your beverage. Tia Maria is especially appropriate for an Espresso Martini. According to the Tia Maria website, the liqueur was part of the earliest Espresso Martini recipe more than 40 years ago. Mr. Black Cold Brew is another popular Kahlúa alternative. The liqueur contains Arabica coffee, some cane sugar, and Australian wheat vodka. The Mr. Black Cold Brew website suggests that fans use the brand in cocktails such as a Coffee Negroni or Cold Brew Old Fashioned.

As you enter the website for Mexican-based coffee liqueur Kamora it says, "Join the fiesta." Also made with coffee beans and rum, its website recommends that this Kahlúa-like replacement will taste good in a drink called The Mind Eraser, which includes Kamora, vodka, and club soda. Or, why not test out a Wake The Dead cocktail? The recipe includes Kamora, tequila, and half an ounce of chilled espresso. You have Italy to thank for Vincenzi Original Coffee Liqueur, which tastes like coffee and vanilla and works well in espresso-based drinks. Some people prefer these brands of coffee liqueur over Kahlúa, so if you're hoping to try something new, it's worth a shot.    

What are some good recipes that use Kahlúa?

Whether you're relying on double-brewed coffee, sugar, and vanilla extract, a Kahlúa substitute, or the real thing, there are a wide-range of Kahlúa-based recipes you can stir up. If you're hungry, you may want to make some boozy cupcakes using Kahlúa frosting or a similar alternative. And if dessert is your favorite meal of the day, then some Kahlúa and Espresso Bean Caramel Corn could be right up your alley. 

Ingredients like a small cup of Kahlúa or a substitute, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and pouring hot caramel over popcorn may be ideal for a tipsy movie night or Kahlúa-themed evening filled with cocktails and desserts, from Kahlúa-like pie to cookies or brownies. While Kahlúa originated in Veracruz, Mexico nearly 90 years ago, the coffee bean and rum-flavored liqueur is still ideal for imaginative cocktail connoisseurs and chefs who continue to experiment with its countless variations.