Fried Pizza Is About To Take Over Pizza Night, Thanks To Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis isn't shy about putting new spins on classic meals and snacks, and she's back with her take on a favorite family meal. One of the latest recipes she shared is garnering plenty of attention for a good reason. It looks really tasty!

De Laurentiis has taken a popular dish and raised the stakes — all by frying it. Although frying this classic meal might never have crossed your mind, it's a fresh twist for those days when constantly making popular meals the same way is getting a little old. This dish is packed with layers of flavor and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. (Yes, this is a completely kid-friendly meal, and you'll thank us later for the lack of complaining at the dinner table.) It's also a fairly easy way to upgrade your meal. There's no need for special equipment. Once you try this meal the way that De Laurentiis suggests, we can almost guarantee that you'll never want it any other way.

How to make fried pizza

If you didn't think that pizza could get any better, meet fried pizza. Giada De Laurentiis shared @angdrpalma's recipe on TikTok, and it's well on its way to becoming a hit.

The fried pizza recipe is fairly easy to make, so it's perfect for those nights when you need something quick for dinner after a long day. Round the pizza dough into several small portions and fry it in a pan with a bit of olive oil until golden brown. Once you've fried the dough, cover it in a couple of rounds of fresh mozzarella cheese. Top the cheese with a hearty spoonful of sauce so that the entire pizza is covered in the sauce before sprinkling some of De Laurentiis' favorite cheese, Pecorino Romano, over the sauce. Taking a few minutes to let the cheese melt into the warm sauce will amp up the flavors of the cheese and make for a mouthwatering bite when you cut into the pizza. If you're already craving pizza, you're not alone. The comments are buzzing with people who want to try this creative spin on everyday pizza.

Other tips for elevating your homemade pizza

Frying pizza is just one way to make homemade pizza night more exciting. There are plenty of tricks to upgrade your pizza so that it has that professional touch.

Your homemade pizza will never be the same after you start making it as a chef would. One of the most important things to do is to top the pizza on the same pan you use to bake it. This will help you avoid a messy transfer that could scatter your ingredients and disrupt the texture of the dough that you worked so hard to stretch. If you can never seem to replicate the crispy pizza crusts you find in your favorite restaurants, brushing some olive oil over your crust should do the trick. The oven will turn that oil from glossy to crunchy for an upgraded texture you'll love. Many restaurant pizzas also have a crispy texture on the bottom of the crust, and it's all thanks to cornmeal. Before you put the dough on your baking surface, scatter some cornmeal in the pan. You'll have that authentic "pizza parlor" feel without getting pizza delivered. Giada De Laurentiis is popularizing fried pizza, but that's just one of many ways to make your homemade pizza an unforgettable treat.