The Pennsylvania Gas Station Chain With Some Pretty Unique Snack Innovations

A quiet battle is being waged in Central Pennsylvania. The players? Sheetz, Wawa, Turkey Hill, Royal Farms, and Rutter's — convenience store chains all vying to be the best of the best, each with its loyal fan base. But one is emerging as the victor, if for no other reason than the unique and innovative snacks and food options.

Sheetz may have started as a small dairy store, but it has become a giant in the gas station world, offering the basics you'd find at such a store, like gasoline, fountain sodas, candy, gum, and other quick snacks. But Sheetz stands out for its made-to-order food counter where patrons can get sandwiches, wraps, tacos, pizza, burgers, and more, made fresh and the way they like it. You can even get unique beers and other drinks, like coffee concoctions that rival anything on a Starbucks menu. But what items do regular Sheetz-goers — aptly called "Sheetz Freakz" — enjoy the most, and what snacks and drinks truly wow customers? 

Fried cheese and beer and coffee -- oh my!

If you don't live near Pennsylvania, don't worry because Sheetz has over 600 locations across the commonwealth, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina. That means you can enjoy the unique foods Sheetz offers in various states, but it's important to note that different locations may have different menus. Some of Sheetz's more innovative and popular food items include pickle fries — fried pickle spears the size of regular fries, making them easy to eat and slightly crunchier than most fried pickle spears. 

Can't get enough of fried appetizers? Sheetz has you covered, and one of the best items on the menu is the Wisconsin Cheese Bites, consisting of bits of thick cheddar cheese rolled in batter and deep-fried. They're like a fried cheese stick but smaller, crunchier, and packed with flavor. Sheetz also offers seasonal beer flavors, like when they partnered with a beer company to create a beer milkshake. If you'd prefer to grab a coffee instead, Sheetz has that, too! Made with Sheetz Bros. Coffee brand, you can get your coffee exactly how you want it through the made-to-order menu.

Become a Sheetz Freak

Sheetz is so popular that even United States Senator John Fetterman promotes the store and all it offers. If all of this sounds right up your alley, you, too, can become a Sheetz Freak. The Sheetz Freakz loyalty program allows customers to earn rewards and discounts on purchases made at Sheetz stores. All you have to do is sign up (it's free) by downloading the Sheetz app or at a Sheetz store. Once enrolled, you can earn points on every purchase made at Sheetz stores, including food, drinks, and fuel. Those points can be redeemed for free food items, drinks, or discounts on future purchases. 

The Sheetz Freakz loyalty program also gives members a crack at new products, so when those seasonal beers or holiday drinks drop, loyalty members get to try them before other customers. It's like having an exclusive ticket to some of the unique snacks you can get at a gas station.