The McBrunch Burger Is A Real Meal At McDonald's (If They'll Let You Order It)

If you go to McDonald's at 9 a.m. and order a hotcake breakfast, you'll get it, no questions asked. If you go to McDonald's at 1 p.m. and try to order the same thing, you'll receive an annoyed stare from the cashier. If you want breakfast, you better be at McDonald's bright and early.

The relationship between McDonald's and breakfast has long been a tumultuous one. It's hard to believe that McDonald's didn't listen to its fans and make breakfast an all-day affair until 2015. It's even harder to believe that, just a few years later, McDonald's brought an end to the all-day breakfast as part of an effort to "streamline" services during the pandemic. Although rumors suggest that some locations still serve all-day breakfast — or at least offer certain breakfast items for a longer period of time — most McDonald's strictly follow the rules. If you're not there by 11:00 am, you can't order from the breakfast menu.

But is it possible to skirt the rules a little bit? Perhaps a way to get breakfast even after the cutoff time? Some say there is, and the answer lies in something called the "McBrunch Burger." So, what is the McBrunch, and how can you order it?

The McBrunch is a cheeseburger with breakfast items

According to a video uploaded by TikTok user Tommy Winkler, there exists a very small period of time when one can, hypothetically, get both breakfast items and regular lunch items at McDonald's. This is when the restaurant has started to prepare for the afternoon rush, but still isn't done with its morning menu. The employees are beginning to flip patties and fry up potatoes, but they're also still serving McMuffins and hashbrowns.

This is when you can (possibly) order the McBrunch. As Winkler's video shows, the McBrunch consists of a cheeseburger with two beef patties, bacon, a hash brown patty, and scrambled eggs (or egg whites, if the first option isn't available). It's like taking all of McDonald's usual breakfast items and sandwiching them between a cheeseburger. No word yet, however, if you can replace the standard sesame buns with hotcakes.

Another breakfast burger that's very similar to the McBrunch is the "Mc10:35." This sandwich consists of the beef patties from a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin, forming a beefy, cheesy egg sandwich. While it's not as colossal as the McBrunch, the Mc10:35 is still a good late morning option. However, we still have yet to answer the most important question: Can you even order a McBrunch to begin with?

Some places might not even let you get a McBrunch

You may have noticed that we're using words like "hypothetically" and "possibly" when it comes to ordering the McBrunch. That's because some McDonald's simply won't give you the burger.

As TikTok user chels_eats details in her video, her attempt to order the McBrunch was met with skepticism from employees, who said that they couldn't make the sandwich. The best they could do was provide her with the ingredients separately, letting her assemble the burger herself. In the end, though, chels_eats claims that the McBrunch is worth it, even if you have to drive around to find a McDonald's that will serve it to you.

While the McBrunch is just one of many bold McDonald's breakfast hacks, it's always important to remember that the fast food chain's employees can't recreate everything you see on social media. These workers have to follow certain rules, and can't always toss food together at random for a single customer. In fact, McDonald's employees may not have even heard of unofficial menu items like the McBrunch, forcing you to explain it at the counter and take up more of their time. So, go ahead and try your luck — just don't be surprised if you walk away McBrunch-less.