The Winner Of The Cadbury 'Bunny' Tryouts Has Officially Been Declared

Whether or not you believe in the resurrection of Christ, you can still partake in the universal Easter tradition of wearing pastels and biting into a hollow chocolate bunny. Cadbury is an iconic purveyor of the springtime confection, along with an equally popular creme-filled chocolate egg. But for the past few years, the brand's celebration of the holiday has gone beyond candy. 

In 2019, Cadbury launched its inaugural Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, whose contestants were voted on by pet lovers and Cadbury fans across the country. The award went to a precious English Bulldog named Henri, who was succeeded by a Treening Walker Coonhound named Lieutenant Dan in 2020; a frog named Betty in 2021; and a curly-haired therapy dog named Annie Rose in 2022. 

Easter 2023 is less than three weeks away, which means it's time to announce the latest winner. Based on the aforementioned victors, it shouldn't surprise you that this year's champion is not a bunny. 

Give it up for Crash the cat

The people have spoken: Crash the cat is the first feline winner of the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts. The cutie from Boise, Idaho, is the proud face of the competition's "Rescue Pets Edition," in partnership with the animal-protection agency ASPCA. 

The eight-year-old rescue, who lost an eye in a car accident, is apparently quite the performer; he can even do high-fives. "He's been through so much over the past few years and we appreciate the love his friends, family and cat enthusiasts across the country have shown," said his owner in a press release

In line with his star quality, Crash's prize includes a role in Cadbury's upcoming "Clucking Bunny" commercial, in which fans can learn his inspiring story as they polish off a bowl of Cadbury eggs. Crash will also win $10,000, half of which will be allocated to "the shelter of his choice." We love to see it.