Banana Coffee Is Having A Moment On Social Media (But It's Not Really That Special)

About half of Americans start their day with a cup of java, according to a recent YouGov survey. Surprisingly, one-third of respondents said they loved iced coffee. Other popular choices were cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, espressos, and cold brews. More recently, a new coffee trend has been sweeping Instagram and TikTok, making waves among the younger crowd. We're talking about banana coffee: a thick, creamy drink that tastes like ice cream.

The beverage went viral after Nicki Marie, a digital creator, talked about it on Instagram. She drew inspiration from Elizabeth Gervais, an intuitive eating counselor and social media influencer. However, the recipe has been around in one form or another for years; so it's not that special. It does have an amazing flavor — and you should try it out, but you can make it taste even better. All you need is a blender or food processor, black coffee, bananas, and some extras.

What's all the buzz about banana coffee?

Coffee and bananas can be a great choice for breakfast, offering steady energy throughout the day. Caffeine, the natural stimulant in coffee, sharpens your senses and wards off fatigue. Bananas are rich in potassium and carbs, leading to higher energy levels, reports a 2021 study featured in PLoS One. The best part is, you can combine the two into one delicious beverage.

Instagram influencer Nicki Marie recommends mixing coffee with a frozen banana in a blender until smooth. Pour it into a glass and enjoy! Alternatively, try this banana coffee milkshake, which requires the same two ingredients plus vanilla extract, vegan milk, and a dash of cinnamon.

TikTok star Dina Kalanta added a unique twist to banana coffee, turning it into a creamy dessert. First, you'll cut the top of a banana. After that, scoop out the flesh and leave the peel on. Pour milk and coffee inside the banana, add maple syrup or honey, and top with whipped cream. When you're done, serve it with a straw. 

How to make your own version of banana coffee

This two-ingredient smoothie went viral because of its simplicity. If you think about it, there are far more interesting beverages you could try. For example, Scandinavian people put "bread cheese" in coffee to boost its flavor. This beverage has been around for centuries, but little is known about it outside of Finland and other Nordic countries. We should also mention Vietnamese iced coffee, or Cà Phê Trúng; Eiskaffee (a mix of ice cream and coffee); Yuanyuang; Wiener Mélange; and other unique coffee recipes.

Banana coffee is delicious as is, but you can take its flavor to a whole new level. For starters, add some peanut butter, vanilla-flavored soy milk, or almond milk to the mix. Oats or chia seeds will create a thicker consistency and keep you full longer due to their high fiber content. If you feel like pampering yourself, mix in some chocolate chips or ice cream. Better yet, add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder for a nutritional punch.