Ranking 12 Hot Dog Bun Brands From Worst To First

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Hot dogs are among life's simple pleasures. There's something undeniably satisfying about a lightly charred frank nestled in a soft, cushy bun. They're easy to eat and also endlessly customizable. Hot dogs can be topped with everything from beef chili and minced onions to coleslaw and pickled peppers. Whether you're sitting around a campfire or just enjoying a backyard barbecue in the neighborhood, it's likely that hot dogs are an indispensable part of the experience. That said, the quality of each ingredient is crucial.

Sure, you can probably get away with using some subpar condiments (as long as the hot dog itself is of decent quality). But if you happen to make the mistake of choosing a poorly-constructed bun, the entire meal is doomed. The bun is quite literally the crucial vessel that holds everything together. If you use a bun that lacks structural integrity, that flame-licked hot dog of yours will end up slipping through and somberly rolling across the floor, much to the dismay of your appetite.

There are other variables at play even beyond the texture and construction of the bun. The thickness of the bread and the flavor of the bun should also be taken into consideration. Are the buns sliced along the top or on the side? How well do they toast up? And can the bun handle being loaded with toppings without becoming soggy? These are just a few of the factors that make all the difference. 

12. Great Value White

Great Value is Walmart's house brand that carries everything from ground coffee and pancake mix to beef jerky and cans of cream of mushroom soup. The company's wide-ranging inventory of products includes a classic staple: White bread hot dog buns. Like many of Walmart's products, the price is quite affordable. Unfortunately, that's where the advantages of these hot dog buns end.

Looking through the customer reviews for this product on Walmart's website reveals a lot of issues. For starters, a lot of customers have reported that these buns fall apart really easily. Just to be clear, we're not exactly setting the bar very high here, but at the very least, we do expect a hot dog bun to stay in one piece. What good is a hot dog bun if it collapses before you can even take your first bite?

Another major problem: These buns are dry. And while it's true that a few condiments can always help solve that to some degree, there's only so much a few squirts of mustard can do. A dry hot dog bun can quickly sour the experience, leading to an unpleasant session chewing on a stale wad of bread. Customers have also reported that some of these hot dog buns aren't even cut right. While they are cheap, saving a few pennies on these hot dog buns isn't worth the headache. There are too many better options on the market to waste your time on these.

11. Great Value Whole Wheat

Great Value also offers a whole wheat version of its hot dog buns. Consuming whole wheat rather than white bread comes with a wide range of health benefits (via Insider). Whole wheat bread is more nutritious, contains additional fiber, and generally has fewer calories. For these reasons, purchasing whole wheat baked goods can be alluring for health-conscious consumers. 

While it's true that eating whole wheat is typically better than eating white bread made from refined flour, eating a hot dog isn't exactly conducive to a healthy diet. But even beyond the questionable nutritional content at play here, there can be a lot of variation in the texture of wheat bread between brands. And Great Value's Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns leave a lot to be desired in that department.

A lot of customers complain that these hot dog buns are overly doughy. Don't get us wrong here: A hot dog bun should definitely have a gentle squish to it. At the same time, you don't want your hot dog buns to be so spongy that chewing the bread gets in the way of enjoying the hot dog itself, which seems to be the case here. If you're looking for some whole wheat hot dog buns, we'd suggest spending your money on a bread brand that offers a better texture. 

10. Butternut

Butternut Hot Dog Buns have an abysmal ranking of just over two out of five stars by customers on Walmart's website: Most of these reviews about these hot dog buns are highly critical. The general consensus seems to be that these hot dog buns are way too dry. And everyone knows that a dry bun can ruin your meal. It's the kind of problem that's impossible to solve since no amount of condiments can truly save your mouth from that inevitable parched catastrophe. 

Dryness aside, other customers have reported that these hot dog buns are also awfully crumbly. So not only will you have to contend with practically moistureless bread, you'll have to watch in horror as these hot dog buns unforgivingly disintegrate through your hands like the sands of time. 

Another issue is that these hot dog buns can be haphazardly sliced, leaving one side of the bun too thick and the other side of the bun too thin. This kind of cut can make it very difficult to secure the hot dog, which in turn also complicates the act of eating it. Call us crazy, but eating a hot dog shouldn't even be remotely challenging. You're better off steering clear of these hot dog buns since there are higher-quality options on the market for about the same price.

9. Wonder

There's no doubt that Wonder is an iconic brand on the American food scene. The company, with its simplistic font and retro color scheme, manages to conjure up a nostalgic aesthetic that feels inexplicably comforting and familiar. That said, the unique style and overall visibility of Wonder's hot dog buns don't necessarily make them the best in the business.

The truth is that we find Wonder bread to be a little too soft for our liking. This also applies to the company's hot dog buns. Of course, some level of softness in bread, especially hot dog buns, is a good thing. The bun should have enough cushiness for a soft bite yet also retain enough firmness for some sturdy structure. 

The problem with these Wonder hot dog buns is that their extreme softness has serious potential for sogginess. Juicier toppings like relish, coleslaw, or pickled jalapeño peppers can quickly turn the bread into mush. While we can certainly appreciate the softness of these buns, the reality is that they're probably best suited for anyone who likes a plain hot dog. If you want to load your hot dog up with other condiments and toppings, these might not be the best vessel to do so. 

8. Nature's Own Brioche

Brioche bread offers a level of tasty complexity that can work wonders on a hot dog. Brioche bread has a subtle sweetness that offers a nice flavor contrast to saltier grilled meats like hot dogs and cheeseburgers; plus, it can toast up beautifully to provide a lovely layer of texture. Nature's Own offers a wide range of baked goods like different varieties of sandwich bread along with these "perfectly crafted" brioche hot dog buns. 

Nature's Own's line of baked goods seems like the company's attempt at offering some slightly more upscale, gourmet bread varieties that are typically a bit thicker and more full-flavored. Hence, this raises the bar a little bit higher. The problem here is that these hot dog buns seem to have very mixed reviews on Walmart's website. While it's true that some customers say these are delicious and among some of the best hot dog buns they've ever had, others claim they're not worth the higher price. 

Complaints range from the buns getting too soggy too easily to the buns also being too dry and stiff. These hot dog buns have only earned 2.4 out of five stars. We aren't expecting perfection in any sense of the word, but a score that low feels like a fair warning. You can roll the dice on these if you want to, but why would you when there are definitely better choices out there?

7. Marketside Brioche

Marketside is another offshoot of Walmart grocery products. The Marketside label seems more focused on offering higher quality goods, as opposed to the cheaper Great Value brand that's more directed at practicality and affordability. While the Marketside Brioche Hot Dog Buns are actually quite good, they still seem to receive fairly divided reviews among consumers.

On the plus side, these buns are split at the top, which makes them ideal for loading on extra toppings or for making other handheld dishes like classic lobster rolls. Some customers compliment the flavor of these buns and their level of freshness. On the other hand, some shoppers have complained about the cut on these buns, claiming that the bun completely breaks apart when you try to pry it open to slide a grilled hot dog inside. 

Others say there's actually too much bread in these buns, which raises a fair point. The truth is a hot dog bun doesn't really need too much bread to get the job done. When the bun is too thick, it can overshadow the taste of the hot dog itself. While these hot dog buns are decent, they're also nothing to write home about. And if you really want to score some brioche hot dog buns, there are far superior options you can opt for. 

6. Nature's Own Butter Buns

Nature's Own Hot Dog Butter Buns are also quite nice. If you've ever tried a loaf of Nature's Own butter bread for sandwiches, then you have a good idea of what these hot dog butter buns are like. These buns are made with real butter, which gives them a rich taste and soft fluffiness that works wonders on a freshly grilled hot dog.

The texture of these buns is incredibly balanced. They're super soft without veering into mushiness, yet they also have enough firmness and stability to securely contain a hot dog along with plenty of toppings. Because these buns are so soft, the taste and texture of the hot dog really shine.

The length of these hot dog buns is also just about perfect, offering enough hot dog converge without being overly bready. When it comes to mass-produced hot dog buns, these butter buns by Nature's Own are a wonderful option that offers great flavor along with an extraordinary level of softness. Score yourself a pack and see what you've been missing out on.

5. Ballpark

Eating hot dogs is a classic part of the experience when it comes to watching sports, whether it's at a stadium or in the comfort of home. Ball Park has smartly cashed in on this tradition with its name, painting itself as synonymous with a baseball field. 

The company offers a relatively humble inventory of baked goods that includes different varieties of hamburger buns along with a few different hot dog buns. Ball Park's classic hot dog buns are typically very easy to find at most grocery stores, and they have a delightful texture and enjoyable flavor that's worthy of some praise.

There are plenty of reasons that these hot dog buns have a nearly perfect rating after more than 25,000 reviews on Amazon. One common compliment among consumers is that these hot dog buns have a surprising level of freshness. While these hot dog buns have a delicate softness on the interior, they also boast a respectable level of firmness that allows them to be loaded up with toppings without having to worry about everything getting soggy or falling apart. 

Beyond all of this, these buns are also relatively affordable and feel like good value for money, especially when considering the level of quality. If you're on the prowl for a solid hot dog bun that checks all the right boxes, Ball Park is always a safe bet.

4. Pepperidge Farm Top-Sliced

Pepperidge Farm is a major player on the scene when it comes to pre-made baked goods. The company offers a sprawling list of products that includes everything from goldfish crackers and chocolate chip cookies to apple turnovers and sandwich breads. Of course, no line-up at any respectable bakery would truly be complete without some hot dog buns, and the ones at Pepperidge Farm are definitely top-tier when it comes to quality. 

For starters, the cut in these top-sliced buns is wide enough to cater to plenty of different foods. While these buns are great for hot dogs, they also have plenty of room for wider sausages like bratwursts or heftier sandwiches like meatball subs or cheesesteaks. Not every hot dog bun has that kind of versatility, which gives these buns an edge over many of their competitors.

These buns are also soft and moist, with a gentle plushness that's truly delightful. You can also toast them up to achieve a subtle crunch for some texture. Considering that you can easily load these buns with all of your favorite toppings without having to worry about any breakage and their luscious texture, they're definitely a wise choice.

3. Whole Foods Brioche

When it comes to mass-produced brioche hot dog buns, it's hard to beat the Whole Foods Brioche Hot Dog Buns. They're made with a blend that includes unbleached wheat flour, cage-free eggs, sugar, and concentrated butter, these hot dog buns are everything you expect from brioche. These hot dog buns are fluffy and slightly sweet, with a subtle richness that gives them a hint of luxuriousness. But that's not the end of the story: There's more to these incredible buns.

And that has to do with their construction. Unlike some of the other hot dog buns out there, these aren't likely to crumble or fall apart. They have enough density to withstand being pried open and stuffed, yet at the same time, they aren't overly thick or heavy. 

Some customers have even happily reported that these are simply the best hot dog buns they've ever had: When it comes to rave reviews, it doesn't get much better than that (via Amazon). If you've been searching for some trusty brioche hot dog buns that are soft, flavorful, and well-constructed, these should do the trick.

2. Arnold Potato Buns

Hot dogs pair wonderfully with potato buns, and Arnold makes some of the best in the business. Potato buns are similar to brioche buns, and they tend to have a hint of sweetness that offers a tasty contrast when combined with saltier meats. One common note among fans regarding these hot dog buns is that they have an impressive cushiness to them (via Walmart). But unlike other hot dog buns that lean towards the softer side, these buns still maintain a solid structure so that you can pile on your favorite toppings without any real fear of the bun breaking down.

Several customers have also noted that these hot dog buns seem to have an impressive shelf-life. While other buns tend to go stale or moldy, these buns somehow retain their moistness and manage to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Health-conscious customers also appreciate that these buns don't contain any high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors. If you haven't tried these potato hot dog buns from Arnold yet, then it's clearly time to do so. 

1. Martin's Potato Rolls

Not only does Martin take the cake for best mass-produced potato bread, but it also steals the crown for best overall hot dog bun. Martin's potato rolls are heavenly soft, which gives hot dogs a deeply satisfying bite. These potato rolls also feature a pleasant springiness that can handle extra drippings or condiments without any serious risk of sogginess or full-on collapse.

These buns also have an incredible flavor in addition to an impressive texture, which bumps them a notch above other competitors. Martin's potato rolls contain the perfect mixture of salty sweetness to them. These rolls have a calculated balance of ingredients that are truly remarkable, and that harmony of flavors is what makes Martin's potato rolls truly exceptional. 

While other hot dog buns tend to lack flavor and (in the worst cases) even moisture, these potato rolls have a rich taste and pleasant butteriness to them. You could honestly use these buns to make just about any kind of sandwich you can think of, and they'd blow any other mass-produced bun on the market out of the water. When you want a first-rate bun for your hot dog, you'll be hard-pressed to find a bun that's as accessible and tasty as Martin's potato rolls.