Ranking Every Flavor Of Chobani Greek Yogurt From Worst To First

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Greek yogurt has become a favorite snack, trusted ingredient, and beloved breakfast all over the world. While many brands proliferate, Chobani has established itself as one of the most popular and widely-available. Their Greek yogurt is many people's introduction to the thick and creamy dairy product, and by and large, it's a good one. Plenty of those who try it stick with it for years, even after they've sampled other brands. This success is no mystery: Chobani makes a point of using high quality ingredients, avoiding all but the most necessary additives, and experimenting with a wide variety of flavors, techniques, and products.

But no brand succeeds all the time — not even Chobani. Sure, this yogurt titan has a strong stable of winning flavors ... but it's also put out some absolute stinkers. The worst of the worst suffer strange textures, chemical aftertastes, and mushy layers of fruit. In some ways, these failures are a testament to the brand's commitment to experimentation and variety. But those who've put these unfortunate yogurts in their mouth aren't likely to praise them for their efforts any time soon. Which flavors stand supreme and which sink to the bottom? We're here to find out, by ranking every flavor of Chobani Greek yogurt from worst to first.

24. Coffee & Cream

Though some like their coffee black, plenty of people prefer to curb the classic beverage's bitterness with cream and sugar. This is the principle behind Chobani's Coffee & Cream Greek yogurt. While this blend of java, dairy, and sweetness works great in your morning mug, it results in something far less than the sum of its parts in this yogurt. Coffee & Cream goes heavy on the latter ingredient and light on the former. It tastes more like vanilla yogurt mixed with a few drops of coffee than anything else. A cloying sweetness smothers the entire blend and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Leave coffee to your coffeemaker and pair it with an entirely different yogurt.

23. Coconut

At their best, coconut-flavored foods taste light, sweet, and ever-so-slightly tangy. Unfortunately, Chobani's Coconut Greek yogurt is an example of the flavor at its worst. This yogurt boasts nothing more than the slightest hint of coconut, which is sure to leave tropical fruit fans in the lurch. In some spoonfuls, the flavor seems to vanish entirely. The yogurt compensates for its absence with overpowering sweetness. By the time you're halfway through a single serving, it's hard not to feel a little sick. Incorporating the weakest possible coconut flavor and slathering on sugar isn't a winning combo. As a result Chobani's Coconut Greek yogurt tastes almost like it's apologizing for itself. If you're looking for bold coconut flavor, look elsewhere.

22. Honey & Cream

As honey aficionados know, the golden syrup doesn't just taste generically sweet — it has a complex flavor all its own. But you'd never know it if your only reference point is Chobani's Honey & Cream Greek yogurt. To be sure, this product doesn't lack creaminess, nor is it inadequately sweet. But the specific flavor of honey is entirely absent. What results is a decent enough yogurt, but one that can't rightly be described as honey-flavored. If you're looking for something simple and sweet, opt for Chobani's plain or vanilla-flavored Greek yogurts. If you'd like to stick with the brand and enjoy the rich flavor of honey, do yourself a favor and drizzle it in yourself.

21. Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry's packaging doesn't lie. It does, in fact, taste like a blend of berries. But the interplay between sweetness, tartness, and tanginess that makes a bowl of mixed blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries sing isn't present in this Greek yogurt. Instead, it tastes like an indistinct slurry of generic berry flavor. If any particular element suffers the most from this boring blend, it's tartness. The sharp taste that distinguishes blackberries from their sweeter cousins is barely discernible, and it's not the only berry that gets a raw deal. You'd also be hard-pressed to pick the taste of blueberries out of this yogurt, too. More than anything, it tastes like strawberry, yet even this strawberry flavor is a limp approximation of the classic fruit.

20. Pomegranate

Everything about the pomegranate is unique, from its fluted crown to the crimson seeds that fill it. This makes bringing the fruit's flavor to things like yogurt difficult — and indeed, Chobani's Pomegranate Greek yogurt does not triumph. Pomegranate is sweet and tangy, with a slightly tart edge. Some specimens could even be described as dry, in the manner of wine. None of that is present in this yogurt. It's not bad, exactly — it just doesn't taste much like pomegranate. The fruit on the bottom helps, but it can't work miracles. This yogurt is best described as generically fruity, and if there's any word that should never be applied to pomegranate, it's generic.

19. Orange & Cream

One disappointed Amazon reviewer summed Chobani's Orange & Cream Greek yogurt up perfectly: "This was basically tasteless. A little sweet but nothing special." Like all citrus, orange is a bold flavor. You'd think it'd be difficult to dilute it into nothingness — and yet, that's exactly what this yogurt does. There's a hint of the fruit's punchy taste to be found, but little more than a hint. The cream flavor is also so understated as to be undetectable. This yogurt doesn't taste like juicy oranges and fresh cream — it tastes like yogurt that was sitting beside a carton of OJ in the fridge.

18. Blackberry

Blackberry is one of the most assertive members of the berry family. Its sharp, tart taste is a bit much for some people, but aficionados wouldn't have it any other way. Chobani's Blackberry Greek yogurt doesn't completely do away with this unique quality, but the fruit on the bottom does the heavy lifting here. Were you to only eat the yogurt that lies atop this layer, you'd find yourself bored: It's entirely too mild. If Chobani thinks this is a necessary contrast to the fruit layer, they're wrong — the sugar content is more than enough to counter blackberry's tartness. As a result, blackberry fans should look elsewhere to satisfy their cravings.

17. Non-Fat Plain

One Amazon reviewer declared Chobani's non-fat Greek yogurt thusly: "One of the worst Greek yogurts I've ever tried." We don't feel quite that strongly, but compared to similar options from other brands, this yogurt is definitely lacking. Plain Greek yogurt will always have a sour taste, but Chobani's is mouth-puckeringly intense. It also has a nasty habit of separating into thick clots of yogurt and watery whey. If you're planning on using this yogurt in a smoothie, parfait, dip, or other creation, its flaws will be mitigated by added ingredients and the added cooking process. But if you're looking for a yogurt to eat on its own, you're in for an underwhelming experience.

16. Strawberry Banana

Strawberry and banana are an iconic double act, so you'd think this yogurt would be a smash hit. But there's something a tad muted about this Chobani product. It's not bad, exactly, and there's abundant fruit on the bottom, which brings a nice, vibrant pop of flavor. But it's still not quite where it should be, and the reason why is the yogurt itself. Simply put, this yogurt barely tastes of anything. Once you've mixed the different layers together, the experience is improved — but it could be even better if the yogurt was pulling its weight.

15. Low-Fat Plain

There's nothing wrong, really, with Chobani's Low-Fat plain Greek yogurt. It has a tendency to separate, but not disastrously — a few quick stirs of the spoon are all that's needed to remedy this minor flaw. Flavor-wise, it's perfectly neutral. The natural sourness of the yogurt is effectively cushioned by the presence, however minimal, of fat. If you're looking for a solid plain yogurt, this will do the job. It's just not much more than adequate is the thing. There are plain yogurts out there that are richer, thicker, and more filling than this option, and they're not too hard to find. Sure, this yogurt is solid, but it can't lay claim to more than that.

14. Banana & Cream

It's all about the banana, when it comes to this yogurt, because the cream is a definite afterthought. For the most part though this is a strength. Banana fans will be more than satisfied by a bowl of this yogurt as the fruit's flavor is vivid and distinct. Though this is definitely a sweet product, the sugar content doesn't overwhelm the other flavors, as is the case in other Chobani offerings. Texture-wise, it's a little on the thin side, but not horribly so. The one real problem with this yogurt is the lacking element of cream. It might be in the name, but it's not in the yogurt. As a result, it tastes more like "banana and generic sweetness" than "banana and cream." You won't have a bad time eating it, but you won't really get what you were promised, either.

13. Raspberry

Your very first spoonful of this yogurt will make one thing clear: There's raspberry here, and it's ready to be noticed. There's no confusing it with strawberry, blackberry, or blueberry — it's raspberry, plain and simple. Raspberry fans will, of course, be delighted by such purity of flavor. But after a few more swallows, even they might notice a slightly unpleasant tartness. Granted, raspberry is supposed to be a bit tart — that's a big part of what sets it apart from other berries. Moreover, compared to lesser options on this list, this is still a perfectly fine comestible. But those who prefer their raspberries on the sweeter side might find this yogurt off-putting.

12. UNSTUCK Tropical Fruit

Chobani's UNSTUCK Tropical Fruit yogurt is a foodstuff on a mission: It's created in partnership with UNSTUCK, an organization that helps refugees find safe and fair employment. It's also pretty tasty. Every cup consists of vanilla yogurt and a vivid layer of mango and passionfruit. Chobani's vanilla yogurt is enjoyably sweet without being cloying, rich in texture, and a good partner to the bright flavors of tropical fruit. Said fruit is tangy, bright, and a pleasant textural contrast to the yogurt. There's just one catch: It's a whole lot easier to taste the mango than the passionfruit. If you're a passionfruit devotee, you'll probably be disappointed by this particular product. If you're OK with passionfruit playing a supporting role, however, you're in for a tasty time.

11. Raspberry Lemonade

When you think of raspberry lemonade, you think of refreshment. Happily, this yogurt lives up to that expectation. Notably, the yogurt itself is lemon-flavored, while raspberries constitute the bottom layer of fruit. Once mixed together, this creates an interesting interplay of texture and flavor. At its best, this yogurt's mellow, lemony sweetness and bright raspberry tang contrast and appeal against each other. Keeping the flavors separate, pre-mixture, really helps them pop. But, at its worst, this results in occasional mouthfuls of nearly raspberry-free yogurt, or, conversely, raspberry-dominated slush. We can't really lay this at Chobani's feet — it's down to your own mixing skills, really — but it's enough of a problem that it keeps this yogurt from landing a higher spot on the list.

10. Key Lime

Key limes are distinguished from the limes you find at the supermarket by their smaller size, thinner skin, and sweeter taste. As they're a lot harder to get a hold of than typical limes, most "key lime" flavored things are, in fact, simply lime-flavored. Not in this product. Key lime puree is one of its top ingredients, and what results is a delightful yogurt, distinguished by the key lime's delicately floral scent. This Chobani product is also distinctly rich, which brings the silken glory of the famous key lime pie to mind. Unfortunately, this yogurt also has a tendency to separate. Stirring it back together isn't exactly arduous, but it does keep this otherwise enjoyable yogurt from achieving further heights on our list.

9. Whole Milk Plain

Chobani's low-fat and non-fat plain yogurts are only so-so. Their whole milk plain yogurt, on the other hand, is a solid choice with dozens of applications. On its own, this yogurt is exactly what it's supposed to be: Smooth, creamy, and mildly flavored. When paired with fruit, granola, and other add-ins, it shines even more brightly. Perhaps its strongest use, however, is in cooking and baking: This yogurt is an excellent base for cool dips and memorable sauces. When it's compared to other brands' plain yogurts, like Siggi's and Fage's, however, its virtues grow dim. It's still a dependable yogurt, but it lacks the depth of flavor that makes competing products sing. Still, if you've got some in the fridge, you have the makings of a great parfait or tzatziki.

8. Vanilla

Pretty much every yogurt consumer is capable of enjoying vanilla yogurt. It follows, then, that pretty much every yogurt brand offers their own take on vanilla. Chobani's is a strong effort as this yogurt is delicately sweet, lusciously textured, and great when combined with all manner of fruits, granolas, and preserves. But this well-roundedness also keeps it from reaching the top of our list. Vanilla might have become a synonym for "basic" in our culture, but it's a distinct flavor unto itself. The very best vanilla yogurts lean into the storied vanilla bean's natural tang, without smothering it beneath sugar, cream, or other flavors. Chobani's is far from the worst offender out there, but it doesn't quite trust vanilla to do the job on its own. If it did, it'd be a vanilla yogurt for the ages. But because it doesn't, it's perfectly pleasant — but not much more than that.

7. Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most memorable fruits around due to its unique shape and its sunny flavor. Chobani's take on the tropical delight does it justice as this yogurt is one of the most vibrant in the brand's lineup. The bright layer of fruit on the bottom strikes a particularly wonderful contrast against the plush yogurt. This simultaneously highlights both layers' strengths and harmonizes them into a delectable whole. The effect is reminiscent of a wonderful pineapple cake with a layer of not-too-sweet frosting. One flaw mars this pleasant experience, though: The pineapple chunks tend to be on the tougher side of things. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, "Each one I've had the chunks were hard — like they were chunks cut from the core of the pineapple." Still, pineapple fans are likely to enjoy this rich take on their favorite fruit.

6. Mango

Tangy, colorful mangoes are among the world's most popular fruits. Though they're delicious when eaten out of hand, they also play well with other ingredients. Yogurt is a particularly excellent partner to this jewel-bright fruit, as Chobani's mango-flavored offering proves. Sweet, rich dairy combines marvelously with mango's aromatic flavor. The layer of fruit on the bottom is among the best in Chobani's line-up. There is very little loss of taste, texture, or even color in this vivid dollop of mango goodness. Unfortunately, some cups are a little skimpy when it comes to this layer, offering a modest swipe of mango rather than a generous slather, which is why this product is ranked where it is. Still, if you manage to avoid this pitfall, you're in for a treat.

5. Lemon & Cream

Lemon is one of the great workhorses of the culinary world, and its wide range of applications comfortably includes yogurt, as this sublime blend proves. The citrus fruit's bright and sunny flavor can be a bit too much in similar products from other brands, but here, it's a tangy delight. The presence of cream offsets it perfectly, bringing to mind such beloved desserts as lemon meringue pie. Texturally, this yogurt is a little on the thinner side of things. While some might wish it were a bit more substantial, others will appreciate the way this light touch accentuates the delicate balance of flavor. Chalk this yogurt up as another entry in the fabled fruit's win column.

4. Black Cherry

Cherries are delicious, but cherry-flavored foods often fall short of capturing the garnet-red fruit's vivid flavor. This isn't an issue here. Each cup of this divine dairy product is an ode to the black cherry in all its glory. As one Amazon reviewer put it, "The black cherry flavor rules them all. [It's] just the best, not too sweet, not [too] tart." This careful balance of flavor is especially apparent in the layer of fruit on the bottom. While the fruit layer of many yogurts — including some offered by Chobani — loses texture and flavor over the course of the manufacturing process, these black cherries taste like they were just plucked from the tree. They hold up especially well when mixed into the silky yogurt. There's just one problem with this offering: It'll raise your standards for all other cherry-flavored foods impossibly high.

3. Peach

Sinking your teeth into a ripe, juicy peach is one of life's true joys. This summertime fruit is aromatic, fleshy, and sumptuously sweet — and so is Chobani's peach-flavored yogurt. Luxurious flavor bursts from every spoonful of this rich and creamy delight. The layer of fruit on the bottom is the obvious MVP here as it succeeds in terms of texture, flavor, and even appearance. There's no distance between the taste of a farm-fresh peach still warm from the sun and the taste of the peaches in this yogurt — it's 100% authentic in every respect. The yogurt itself is a perfect complement to this vibrant fruit, suffering no separation, chemical aftertaste, or overwhelming sweetness. Pick this yogurt up in the depths of winter, when you're desperate for some sunshine. Pick it up in the dog days of July, when you want every day to taste like the season's best fruit. Heck, pick it up any time at all — it's always a good choice.

2. Blueberry

Once it's off the bush, a blueberry can only stay fresh for so long. You'd never know this if you were to taste Chobani's blueberry Greek yogurt, however. No matter when you tear open the foil and sink your spoon into this creamy goodness, you'll be sure to get a mouthful of fruit that tastes absolutely and unadulteratedly fresh. The layer of berries and jam at the bottom of this yogurt is a marvel, even compared to some of Chobani's other successes. These blueberries don't just stay intact — they stay supple, flavorful, and delicately sweet. This pairs magnificently with the luscious yogurt inside. Perhaps the blueberry's small size allows it to stand up to the packaging process so well. Perhaps Chobani has a blueberry genius on staff. Whatever the reason, this is one yogurt you need to try.

1. Strawberry

Strawberry is ill-served by many allegedly strawberry-flavored foods. They fail to capture the fruit's nuanced flavor, and typically overcompensate with sugar. Not so much with this yogurt. It's so true to the ruby-red berry's one-of-a-kind flavor that you might think you've been whisked away to a sun-dappled fruit farm at the height of strawberry season. Scrumptuous chunks of strawberry stud this plush yogurt, bursting with flavor and a toothsome texture. They're full of their own natural sweetness, which Chobani trusts to shine through without too much added sugar. Intertwined with the yogurt's subtle tang, this undiluted strawberry goodness shines all the more brightly. If you love strawberries, try this yogurt. If you're fed up with bad strawberry-flavored foods, try it even sooner. This is the yogurt you've been waiting for. It's why it's the No. 1 on our list.