Get Creative With Your Ramen And Make Some Breakfast Noodles

Who hasn't turned to a package of instant noodles in a moment of hunger? Cheap and filling, instant ramen is often thought of as the food of college students and convenience stores, but truthfully, it has a much wider appeal than that. You probably have a pack or two in your kitchen right now.

One of the best parts of instant ramen is how easily it lends itself to being dressed up. Just because you are looking for a quick meal doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor, and the internet is full of great hacks for your ramen. They can be brought to life with fresh produce, different sauces, or toppings, but we bet you've never considered them as a potential breakfast food. Until now.

There's no reason for instant noodles to be limited to lunch or dinner; they bring a lot to the table in the morning too. You can build a tasty, satisfying breakfast to your tastes in less time than it takes to make pancakes.

Classic breakfast flavors work with ramen noodles

When you're ready to give morning ramen a shot, there are plenty of savory breakfast flavors that you can translate into your dish. Start your day with bacon and eggs? A bit of crispy bacon over the top of your ramen adds a level of texture and smoky flavor. Not a fan of bacon? Crumbled breakfast sausage is another option if you're looking to add some protein and spicy breakfast flavor.

Of course, eggs are an old favorite in ramen. Usually marinated in soy sauce and halved with a jammy yolk exposed, eggs add texture and luxurious flavor when it's dinner time. Instead of tradition, try a poached egg on your noodles in the morning for a rich flavor that's easy and filling. Bacon and eggs may be the original breakfast duo, but they're not the only path to breakfast ramen. If you really want to get fancy with your instant noodles, the answer is cheese.

Let your ramen get cheesy

Topping your ramen with an egg is great, but what if we took it a step further and mixed that egg into the ramen along with a healthy dose of cheddar cheese? The thought of adding cheese to your ramen may seem scary, but it's a common flavor in other parts of the world. In this case, mixing the cheddar and egg into the ramen slowly at the end of cooking results in a creamy, cheese sauce that sticks to every noodle. The trick is to mix the egg and cheese in slowly and thoroughly so the egg doesn't cook too quickly. Add some bacon to the top and you've got a dish that tops a bacon, egg, and cheese any day.

The cheese trick isn't limited to breakfast, either (though it shines there). Adding cheese to your ramen is the ideal way to add some richness at lunch or dinner too. Insider asked chef Chris Riley of The Daring Kitchen for his instant ramen tip, and he told them, "Add a couple of cheese slices, parmesan, or crumbled feta after cooking the ramen for a few minutes." There are many types of cheese you can try to up both your ramen and your breakfast games.