Turkey Hill Ice Cream Tastes Homemade Because Of The Cows

Nothing hits quite like homemade ice cream. Whether you slave over a delicious batch in your own ice cream maker and enjoy a sundae at home or you grab a scoop from your local mom-and-pop shop — that sweet churned treat is where it's at. It's a tasty, creamy, cold, unbeatable treat that many of us claim as our favorite dessert. We all scream for ice cream, right?

While you might resist admitting it, sometimes a store-bought ice cream will surprise you, providing a nearly-homemade experience for half the price. And when you find one of those brands that deliver a truly great ice cream (and doesn't cost you $13 for a pint), that's more reason to scream. So cue the vocal cords and allow us to introduce you to Turkey Hill.

This Pennsylvania-based dairy tends to fly under the radar, even though its ice cream is widely available throughout the U.S. and offers a premium, homemade taste at $5 for a half gallon. Why is Turkey Hill so good? It all comes down to the cows.

Turkey Hill keeps its cows close to home

Turkey Hill hails from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home of the Pennsylvania Dutch — where farmland is abundant and natural, and wholesome food is the way of life. With its primary manufacturing plant located in Conestoga, PA, Turkey Hill proudly touts on its website and ice cream cartons that the milk in its products is sourced from local cows within 75 miles of the dairy farm.

Why does it matter that the cows are close to home? Local ingredients mean fresher ingredients, and fresher ingredients mean better quality. And with something as pure and simple as ice cream, this local sourcing is the difference between a rich, premium-tasting ice cream and one that tastes artificial or overly processed.

In a Facebook post, Turkey Hill states that "happy cows produce better milk, and better milk produces better ice cream." There's no arguing with that logic, and the dairy farm is clearly invested in keeping their cows happy and their products high-quality. Especially when it comes to their Simply Natural Premium Ice Cream line.

Turkey Hill's Simply Natural Premium Ice Cream

Formerly Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream, the brand's Simply Natural Ice Cream only uses a handful of real, simple ingredients: No artificial flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no stabilizers. It's what homemade ice cream should be, except it's also conveniently packaged and sold at the store for a reasonable price.

Turkey Hill's Simply Natural Homemade Vanilla flavor only uses four ingredients: Nonfat milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. And it's even earned a call-out from Food Network's Test Kitchen as one of the best store-bought vanilla ice creams available. But with Simply Natural flavors from Belgian Style Chocolate to Praline Pecan, there's something for everyone.

Turkey Hill's Simply Natural Ice Cream is extra creamy and extra flavorful, with none of the added nonsense that you'll find in most store-bought ice cream. Those local cows fuel quality dairy for a delicious array of rich and flavorful ice cream that's worth screaming about.