The Girl Scouts Are Not Happy To Hear That People Are Selling Their Cookies On Ebay

After enjoying treats inspired by pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha, the foodie season cycle has finally circled back to its delicious beginning. That's right folks, it's officially Girl Scouts cookie season. And this year, dedicated dessert lovers are on the hunt for a treat far more elusive than Samoas. Yep, it seems everyone with a sweet tooth is set on trying a Raspberry Rally, the Girl Scouts' newest and perhaps most anticipated cookie variety. A limited edition treat that's essentially a raspberry-filled Thin Mint, while the Girl Scouts have introduced new cookies in the past this brand new dessert is the Scout's first online-exclusive treat. Meaning the flavor can only be bought on the Girl Scouts website or eBay. Hold on — eBay?

Okay, so here's the deal. It seems the Girl Scouts weren't kidding when they advertised that the Raspberry Rally cookies were "sure to become a new favorite." According to CNN, the flavor is already sold out. This is a turn of events that the New York Chapter of the Girl Scouts reports it did not anticipate. And it seems the Girl Scouts, as a collective, also didn't realize just how far people will go to get their Raspberry Rally fix. Currently, boxes of Raspberry Rally cookies are being sold on eBay, hungry raspberry lovers are buying them, and the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. told TODAY that they just can't hide their disappointment.

Buying Girl Scouts' cookies off eBay can do more harm than good

While TODAY reports the Raspberry Rally cookies retail for around $5 a pop on The Girl Scouts' site, single boxes on eBay have been priced anywhere from $22 to $100. And aside from making us want to ask everyone paying that much for some cookies if they are okay, The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. are urging dessert lovers to not buy from resellers. According to the organization, purchasing Girl Scouts cookies from other businesses robs its troops of "valuable experience" and "proceeds that fund critical programming throughout the year." As reported by TODAY, the organization had hoped selling Raspberry Razzles online would teach Girl Scouts about e-commerce.

However, despite the Girl Scouts' disapproval, eBay is not removing the cookies from its site. The brand explained the resale of the sold-out snacks does not go against its company's rules. While the whole debacle is compliant with the site's laws, we're also sure the incident has produced no shortage of new website traffic on eBay. As Insider notes, people across social media have made posts asking others how they can get their hands on the treat. And with a re-stock unlikely and plenty of boxes of the limited edition dessert available for resale, The Girl Scouts wants to remind the public that there are other cookies still available to buy that will directly benefit the Scouts and their communities.