The Frozen Fish Stick Hack That Will Make You A Taco Tuesday Star

Taco Tuesday is arguably the best day of the week, and why not celebrate it with mouth-watering homemade fish tacos? Your one holdup might be that you haven't yet found a fish recipe that tastes restaurant-quality, or you may simply not know where to start in choosing fish for tacos. 

But before you spend another week cooking beef, pork, or shredded chicken for Taco Tuesday, there's a quick, easy fish taco hack that you should know.

This hack doesn't require that you scrutinize every type of fish at the market to find the best one for your tacos. All you'll need is a specific product that you might already have in your freezer for a quick dinner. Once you cook this mystery ingredient and blend it with your other taco ingredients, you'll have tastier fish tacos with far less hassle. It's Taco Tuesday made easy — and what's better than that?

Why you should use fish sticks in your fish tacos

If you regularly buy fish sticks, you probably just keep them around for quick dinners when you don't have time to go all-out in the kitchen. Fish sticks may not be your typical culinary inspiration, but they're far from boring when you can find creative new ways to use them.

One of the best ways to use fish sticks in your everyday meal prep is to incorporate them into fish tacos. And if that sounds a bit bland at first, think again. Fish sticks have that crispy outer layer that most people love to eat in fish tacos, and they're made with "white" fish, which have the flaky consistency that works exceptionally well for tacos. If you typically microwave fish sticks, try air-frying them for extra crisp breading in just a few minutes, then place them with the other ingredients. (One BuzzFeed writer likes to put her fish sticks on a bed of slaw for a sweet and savory fish taco.) 

No matter what you choose to pair the fish with, next time you make fish tacos, use fish sticks instead of frying fish yourself. You'll save time and still wow your fellow Taco Tuesday lovers.

Other ways to elevate tacos for Taco Tuesday

This fish stick hack will already make you the star of Taco Tuesday, but if you want to amp up tacos of all types, there are plenty of ways to make them stand out.

When you prep for taco night, consider these hacks to make your time in the kitchen easier. If you want shredded chicken, use a stand mixer on the chicken until it's completely shredded. To make taco shells taste even better, heat them in the oven for a bit of extra crunch and the type of warmth you usually only get when your tacos are fresh from a restaurant kitchen. If you typically make soft tacos and struggle to fill them without making a mess, turn a glass on its side, put the soft taco inside, warm it up, and fill the taco with your favorite ingredients while the glass is still on its side. 

Don't want your taco to get soggy? Line it with lettuce before you add the other fillings. The lettuce will absorb the more liquidy ingredients and prevent them from soaking the bottom of the taco. Cooking up some crispy fish sticks for a fish taco base is just the beginning of hacking Taco Tuesday. All of these tricks will make you taco night royalty.