Where Can You Find The World's Largest Starbucks?

Most popular fast food, restaurant, and coffee chains have at least one completely outlandish location far cooler than all the rest. As the world's leading coffee company, Starbucks is no exception.

The world's largest Starbucks is in a major U.S. city, but it's not Seattle, where the chain was first introduced. This Starbucks location has plenty of exciting features that the Starbucks on your street doesn't have, and it's impressed many people. Although not every viral, record-breaking building is worth visiting, TikTok remains fascinated by Starbucks' largest location, which opened in 2019. The sheer amount of space and the number of fun things to do at the world's largest Starbucks just might encourage you to make a trip to one of the United States' most popular tourist cities as soon as you can, per Choose Chicago. You may face long lines (it's a tourist destination after all), but the world's largest Starbucks is well worth a delay in getting that much-needed caffeine boost.

Where is the world's largest Starbucks?

The world's largest Starbucks may be full of coffee beans, but it's also near another famous bean. That's right — the world's largest Starbucks is in Chicago.

You might not look at Chicago and think "coffee," but with the number of tourists that visit the city every year, it makes sense to put a giant Starbucks there. Starbucks, which is in the bustling Magnificent Mile, even has a special name — the Starbucks Reserve Roastery — which makes it stand out even more. There's no chance that you'll miss this Starbucks location, which towers over all the rest at five stories high and takes up a whopping 35,000 square feet of space. If this already sounds overwhelming, don't worry — tours of the enormous coffee shop building are available. The location also stocks all of your favorite Starbucks beverages and snacks — plus a bunch of exclusives that will make you want to stay there forever, per Choose Chicago.

Why the world's largest Starbucks is a hit tourist attraction

It's not just the world's largest Starbucks' lofty appearance that has tourists buzzing — it's everything inside too. Not only does this giant Chicago Starbucks location look far cooler than any other, but it's also hiding plenty of surprises that just might make you the world's happiest caffeine connoisseur.

What exactly is taking up all of that space at this Magnificent Mile Starbucks? As it turns out, you can purchase far more there than your everyday cappuccinos and cake pops. The first and second floors are devoted to exclusive Reserve coffees, baked goods, and merchandise, via Choose Chicago. On the third floor, you'll find a coffee bar with a menu featuring pistachio lattes and affogatos with nitrogen-infused gelato, among other mouth-watering beverages. The fourth floor is the perfect place for anyone who likes their drinks a little bit boozy — it boasts a full-service cocktail bar. And the fifth floor is (literally) a top-of-the-top Starbucks experience — it's a full-fledged rooftop lounge that's perfect for lounging as you enjoy your signature Starbucks drinks, per Starbucks Reserve. With something for everyone, from signature Starbucks drinks to tours, to a cocktail bar, to a rooftop lounge, the world's largest Starbucks in Chicago is a must-visit spot that absolutely lives up to the hype.