Martha Stewart Hilariously Shut Down A Caviar Troll On Instagram

Fans probably don't need another reason to be in awe of Martha Stewart, but here's something else to put on the "We love you, Martha" list anyway. The good-at-everything lifestyle maven sent a zinger in the direction of an Instagram fan who admired her caviar and pasta presentation. 

Stewart started her Instagram caption by saying she "cooked and baked a bit this weekend," sharing a photo of a swirl of linguine pasta with lemon and parmesan topped with a dollop of caviar. She also mentions serving a pound cake made with lemon, Armagnac, and vanilla whipped cream, pictured in the Instagram post's second frame. (Be warned — that masterpiece of a cake might make you feel bad about any baking abilities you think you have.)

And when one fan commented, "Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip," Stewart had a hilarious, on-brand response.

'What's queso dip?'

Martha Stewart's deadpan Instagram response was, "What's queso dip?"

Think about it. The woman puts caviar on her noodles and makes cake with Armagnac, a fancy brandy we'd guess doesn't pair well with queso. While Stewart has some approachable recipes and DIY ideas, her general vibe has always been a bit lofty, and fans love her for it. It's not quite a full-on "I'm better than the rest of you peasants," but it's absolutely not "I'm one of you."

Martha's fans responded with a plethora of emojis, mostly hearts, and laughter, along with a couple of mic drops. Land O'Lakes Kitchen kindly offered to send her some queso. And Qdoba clapped back with "Martha, we need to talk." The original commenter was a good sport about it and very likely geeked out that the Martha Stewart responded to her comment. (And, sure, the possibility exists that the comment was made by Martha's social media manager, but we all want to believe it was the real Martha Stewart sharing her dry wit.) 

Still, fans know Stewart knows what queso is; she published a queso recipe on her website in 2020. Stewart's recipe uses pepper jack and American cheeses mixed with cornstarch and other ingredients, all melted in a slow cooker. The party-friendly recipe was re-shared to Instagram on Feb. 9. And while her caption didn't say it was a response to the earlier "What's queso dip?" comment, fans sure did remind her of it in the comments.

Stewart loves showing her sassy side

This isn't the first time Martha Stewart has given fans a glimmer of sass. She partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in September 2022 and recorded a video of herself drinking a cup of pumpkin spice coffee in her enviable kitchen wearing only an apron. She spouts playful quips including "literally nothing else" and "a thing of natural beauty" while talking about how much she enjoys her flavored coffee. (Of course, she's only talking about the coffee. Wink.)

Stewart shared a follow-up Instagram post a few days later posing in a sultry white satin robe trimmed with feathers and sipping on another Green Mountain Coffee Roasters pumpkin spice. The caption read "I see you liked it hot."

In fact, Stewart's sassiness is so appreciated that the lifestyle guru joined Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber in 2015. She also shaded Kim Kardashian's friend Jonathan Cheban in 2016, tweeting a photo of Cheban and tagging the Daily Mail to ask who he was. "He says he is well known," Stewart wrote alongside the photo. It doesn't get much sassier than that.