Hostess Has Unveiled A New Snack Cake Entirely Inspired By Chocolate Bars

Dessert lovers, do you remember when Hershey's first announced it went and turned Reese's into snack cakes? Of course, you do. But after digging into the then-new treat, did you feel the creation was less than cake-like? If that's the tragic case, it may excite you to hear that Hostess, the America's second most consumed snack brand, is eager to give the candy-snack-cake hybrid concept a more cake-focused go. The company just revealed in a press release that it's debuting a "first-of-its-kind" treat for the snack cake world — ready-to-eat cakes patterned after chocolate bars.

And when we say Hostess was likely bouncing off the walls with excitement to make and sell this new treat, we're not exaggerating. If you didn't know, while the brand is beloved for selling its classic HoHos and Twinkies, in the last few years Hostess has become dedicated to whipping up more innovative baked goods. In fact, in 2020, the company even created its very own innovation lab specifically to flex its baking muscles and churn out creative desserts that push the boundaries of its humble chocolate cupcake origins. Here we have the deets on the newest (and perhaps cholate-iest) dessert to spring loose from this special lab.

Meet Kazbars

According to the announcement, Hostess' new Kazbars snack cakes feature chocolate cake, creme, candy crunch, and either chocolate or caramel. Each treat is dipped in chocolate and topped off with a drizzle. As you likely guessed already, the chocolate-bar-inspired dessert comes in two different flavors, Chocolate Caramel or Triple Chocolate.

While Hostess just dropped this news, you won't see Kazbars on shelves across the nation until mid-March. And when they do arrive, buying a 10-ounce box of the chocolate-bar-influenced snack will let you feast on eight individually wrapped bars. If you aren't sure you can commit to buying that many before taste-testing the new dessert, don't worry. Like its other snacks, Hostess reports the snack will also be sold individually at most retailers.

However, while Kazbars seems to be a testament to Hostess' mission to debut more all-new snacks, not everyone is on board with the brand's commitment to mixing up its products. When Hostess made a Facebook post announcing the treat's debut, many fans in the comment section revealed they were not hungry for a new product. Instead, snackers begged for the return of treats like Sweet Rolls, Suzy-Q's, and Li'l Angels. Still, Hostess did report that Kazbars "performed strongly" during testing, so only time will tell if Hostess lovers will warm up to the new chocolate-bar snack.