12 Thanksgiving Cakes We Are Grateful For

During this time of year, we are often called on to reflect on the world around us and take stock of all of the things we appreciate. This Thanksgiving, you may be grateful for your family, or maybe you want to give thanks for your job or the roof over your head. Or maybe you just simply are thankful to be alive. But this Thanksgiving, while we are thankful for so many things, one thing we are eternally grateful for at The Daily Meal is a beautiful cake.

Click here to see the 12 Thanksgiving Cakes We Are Grateful For (Slideshow)

And the season for appreciation does not disappoint — Thanksgiving has inspired many bakers to create beautiful works of art. We found some amazing cakes, from wedding to celebration cakes, that perfectly capture the nature of the season.

A click through our slideshow shows off some of the best Thanksgiving cake artistry around. We love the designs, which range from desperate turkeys to iconic cornucopias — they're so pretty you might rather use them as centerpieces.

As you browse through our selection of favorite cakes, take a minute to think about what you're most thankful for this holiday season — and get ready for some delicious desserts of your own!

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