12 Tasty Halloween Cocktails

Recipes for drinks to help you celebrate the spirit of Halloween

Witches, ghosts, pumpkins (of course), and those made bloody or tricked out with candy — such are the usual suspects of Halloween. But we're not just talking about your friends playing dress-up here — on a festive night like this, the cocktails can get decked out for the occasion, too.

The classic pumpkin cocktail might show up to the party as a potent punch or a frothy flip, or maybe even as an alcoholic milkshake in disguise. Others might make their mark with garnishes and special effects (a shot set aflame, for example), and will be served in appropriately ghoulish glassware.

And as with any great costume, kitsch and creativity are key. Some of the best dressed start with a clever name — drinks designed around plays on words like "blood," "corpse," and other fright-inducing imagery.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out some favorite recipes for cocktails that conjure the spirit of Halloween.

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