12 Surprising Soda Flavors

From strawberry milk to chai, some of the world's most unique soda flavors
Maryse Chevriere

12 Surprising Soda Flavors

Mushroom-flavored soda? Just like Jack in the Box’s new bacon shake, it’s for real, as bizarre as it sounds. Except, of course, this soda is not a fast-food company’s bait for consumer attention, but rather one of the many artisanal drinks on the menu at San Francisco’s new ice cream and soda shop, The Ice Cream Bar.

According to a story on NBC Bay Area’s Food and Drink blog, the retro soda fountain’s creative menu offers "the option to customize from a list of 13 syrups (including chicory coffee, chocolate, and pistachio), 24 house-made extracts (such as dill weed, nutmeg, and rosemary), and the daily selections from more than 75 tinctures, also crafted in-house." The mushroom soda, dubbed Touch of Grey, is made with cream, acid phosphate (which adds tartness), and candy cap mushroom syrup. Apparently, it was surprisingly good.

Sure, you expect to find such unique, off-the-wall creations at this kind of house-made soda program. But really, there are plenty of surprising and unusually flavored sodas being produced around the world. Check out our list of 12 of the most unique.

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