12 Good, Fast, And Cheap Recipes

A recent Letter From the Editor in a popular lifestyle magazine discussed how we all love things to be good, fast, and cheap, but that doesn't always happen at once. It explained how things can be good and fast, but they're probably not cheap, or if they're fast and cheap, they're probably not good. As human beings, we're constantly on the search for things that cost us little money and take very little time, but give us the same quality of return, and the letter seemed to have determined that we were doomed in this regard. Reading it makes one wonder: Can anything be good, fast, and cheap?

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Recipes, when developed carefully, can oftentimes be good, fast, and cheap. Cooking doesn't have to be some expensive, drawn-out process anymore to get exquisite and exciting results. Shopping smart, thinking simple, and using a touch of creativity can give you a beautiful dish that tastes delicious, was easy to make, and cost you little to nothing. There's not enough room in our recipe box for the amount of these kinds of recipes that exist, but here are 12 that are creative, exciting, and unique — not to mention that they're good, fast, and cheap.

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