12 Favorite Food-Friendly Souvenirs

Ideas for what to bring home to make vacation memories last

Maison du Chocolat

Be it Amsterdam or Argentina, airport duty-free shops all over the world sell a pretty homogenous mix of alcohol, perfume, and giant Toblerones. Not very memorable souvenirs. Instead, the mementos of travels should be reminders of the adventure and the exoticness of the experience. Because taste and smell are so strongly associated with memories, bringing back food and drink is a great way to reconnect to the trip.

But how to choose among the many culinary delights of the world? Think about what you collect already and how you can add to that while traveling. For instance, one pie-crazed The Daily Meal editor collects pizza box tops while another had a habit of pinching decorative restaurant hand towels. Sometimes the best souvenir comes from a totally unique experience, like a revelatory crostini drizzled with truffle honey that you managed to snag a jar of while in Italy.

We polled a handful of avid travelers as well as The Daily Meal editors to get their tips on what to stuff your suitcase with, like Alaskan smoked salmon and Hawaiian Kona coffee. Or where to shop for that special edible keepsake, whether in Paris (La Maison du Chocolat) or Buenos Aires (Artentino). Two hints for bringing food souvenirs home: Make sure it’s not a gel or liquid if it’s in your carry-on, and bring enough home for friends and family (because they will covet yours). And when you finish that delectable truffle honey, it means that it’s time to plan another vacation.

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