12 Days of Cookies: Wine Cookies

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12 Days of Cookies: Wine Cookies
Allan Penn

It’s cookie season and people all around the world are baking, cutting, sprinkling, wrapping, and giving out all kinds of different cookies. To celebrate this festive time of the year and to bring you some new inspiration, we’re sharing 12 cookie recipes with you, one every day from now until Christmas Eve. These aren’t just any old cookie recipes, either — they’re recipes from cookie and history-enthusiast Anna Ginsberg and her cookbook The Daily Cookie, which is filled with 365 cookie recipes that honor and celebrate notable events throughout history. Along with giving you something new to bake in the kitchen, these 12 days of cookies give you a chance to win a copy of the book every day we share a recipe, so you’ll be able to enjoy a cookie recipe every day of the year, not just right before Christmas. 

Today’s cookie is a Wine Cookie, in honor of today, Dec. 18, being another National Bake Cookies day. Ginsberg loves this Italian cookie recipe because when you’re baking so many batches of cookies to celebrate the cookie holiday, these are a nice, not-so-sweet alternative to save you from a sugar overdose. While the original recipe calls for chardonnay, she suggests using a wine of your preference — even red to give the cookies a beautiful purple color.    

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