Why You Need To Start Toasting Bread In A Pan (And What Oils To Use)

When you're ready for a warm, quick breakfast, throwing some bread in a toaster is one of the easiest ways to get it in no time. Toasters are a staple in most kitchens because they are convenient, efficient, easy to use, and often inexpensive. They quickly make toasted bread, bagels, and other baked goods, and believe it or not, some people even cook a steak in a toaster! They are great for warming up frozen pancakes and waffles, and the toasting process can enhance the taste and texture of many breads.

Of course, cleaning and storing a toaster can be a bit of a pain, if you use it often. If you use your toaster daily, you should empty the crumb tray once a week and wipe it down. It's also important to ensure there are no large crumbs lodged in the toasting portion.  

Some people might not have a toaster because they don't have enough counter space or simply because they don't need one. If you are someone without a toaster — or even someone with one — you could use an oven to toast your bread, but the best way to get crispy, chewy, flavorful toast is by frying the bread in a pan with oil.

How to toast bread in a pan

Toasting bread in a pan creates a crispy exterior that is difficult to achieve with a toaster, and it allows you to control the level of browning, making it possible to achieve your perfect level of crispiness. You can even add toppings like cheese or herbs to change up your breakfast or snack options. Of course, it may not be as easy as popping bread into a toaster and pushing the lever, but it's also not that hard to toast bread in a pan.

You just heat a non-stick pan over medium heat on the stove, adding oil or butter to the pan and spreading it evenly to coat the surface. This helps to prevent the bread from sticking and it adds flavor to the toast. The best oil to use really depends on what flavor you are trying to achieve. You can opt for oils like coconut, avocado, canola, or peanut, which will all lend a different flavor to the bread. And remember, you can use just plain melted butter, too.

Picking the perfect oil for your bread

Want to get a light and slightly sweet taste that pairs well with fruit? Coconut oil is great for that because it has a subtly sweet and nutty flavor. If you're looking for a savory flavor, you can use butter. Avocado oil is perfect for toast that will be topped with bacon and vegetables, and olive oil will give your toast a nice Mediterranean flavor, particularly when paired with sea salt, olives, herbs, or, as you may have guessed, garlic! 

Once you have chosen the right oil for your toast creation, place the bread in the pan in a single layer. About two to three minutes on each side should toast the bread properly, but keep an eye on it because it can burn quickly. After the bread is toasted, remove it from the pan and transfer it to a plate. Then, you can top it with jelly, jam, cheese, avocado, and any other ingredient to make it just the way you like it. Serve the toast immediately, while it is still hot and crispy.