Coca Cola's New Limited Edition Flavor Is 'Transformation.' Here's What That Means

Coca-Cola's latest soda release is drawing intrigue and has people scratching their heads — and it's all because of its name. Which flavor is next to appear under the Coca-Cola umbrella? It's not a traditional soda flavor, like grape, melon, or berry. In fact, most people would argue that it's not a "flavor" at all. The latest Coca-Cola flavor — which releases February 20 — is "transformation" (per Fansided).

What could transformation possibly taste like? Coca-Cola certainly isn't giving us any hints about the flavor of its latest creation, the limited-time transformation-flavored Coca-Cola Move, which was created in collaboration with Grammy-winning singer Rosalia (via Food Dive). One look at the can reveals that it's pink and black, so that could be a subtle nod to Coca-Cola Move's flavor. So far, though, the beverage company is keeping the new release's flavors close to the vest — and it might be on us to figure out what they really are.

Why Coca-Cola is releasing transformation flavor

In 2022, Coca-Cola debuted Coca-Cola Creations, a platform that released four drinks with equally vague flavor labels — "space-flavored" Coca-Cola Starlight, "pixel-flavored" Coca-Cola Byte, "dream-flavored" Coca-Cola Dreamworld, and the artist Marshmello's Limited Edition Coca-Cola (via TheStreet). While we might wonder what space or dream tastes like, it's all part of Coca-Cola's desire to appeal to younger customers — and compel intrigued customers of all ages to buy their drinks.

The vague flavors of Coca-Cola's limited edition Creations drinks are meant to stir up social media speculation on what the drinks actually taste like, creating a "flavor illusion" that's kind of like the color illusions that have broken the internet in the past. (Who else remembers The Dress?) As for Coca-Cola Move's transformation flavor, Oana Vlad, Coca-Cola's senior global director, says that it's meant to represent "a way of self-expression that is powerful and resonant for today's generation" (per Food Dive). No one knows which flavors will represent transformation in Coca-Cola Move, but one thing's for sure — on February 20, young social media users will have a lot of fun trying to figure it out.