Costco's Valentine's Day Ravioli And Chocolate Berries Are Stealing TikTok's Heart

Valentine's Day has always been a highly commercial, food-centric holiday. Restaurants run romantic specials, home cooks prepare date-night dinners, and candy and chocolate abound. And the date's association with food goes way back. writes that the Feb. 14 date may stem from its theorized link to the pagan fertility festival, Lupercalia, celebrated in the name of Rome's god of agriculture Faunus. By the 1860s, the Cadbury confectionery company perfected its chocolate recipe and cashed in on the popularity of Valentine's Day by packaging its sweets in elaborate, heart-shaped boxes (per

In modern times, you'll be bombarded by all things heart-shaped on Valentine's Day. While the origins of the now-ubiquitous heart symbol are fuzzy, it's not going anywhere. Chocolate-covered strawberries first hit the scene in Chicago in the 1960s ... love is in the air (or the wind, in this case), indeed. There's always the classic chocolate box and the chalky conversation hearts, as well as savory selections, including heart-shaped ribeyes and even pasta. Taking TikTok by storm are Costco's Valentine's Day offerings, including heart-shaped ravioli and an affordable take on a romantic standby: chocolate-covered berries.

They won't break the bank

Fresh pasta has been even more alluring ever since Jon Favreau made that sumptuous pasta aglio e olio in "Chef." Nothing says "I love you" like a (literally) hearty bowl of carbs, and buying pre-made fresh ravioli saves a lot of time. At Costco, the Nuovo Italian Four Cheese Ravioli sell for $9.99 for a two-pound package (via TikTok), which proclaims that they cook in just 4 minutes. That leaves plenty of free time for Netflix and chilling. The ravioli are filled with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago cheese. And based on the internet's rave reviews, they'll win you and your Valentine over. 

"Every time Costco comes out with cute ravioli, I buy it," one TikTok commenter wrote on @bri_daspooky's post. "I wish guys would understand how much Costco is making this too easy for them," another commenter wrote. And plenty of other TikTokers tagged each other, urging friends to get the heart-shaped specialties for Galentine's Day parties.

TikToker @bri_daspooky also highlighted Trü Frü's frozen, chocolate-dipped berries, which will only set you back $10.99 — much less than the cost they'd be at a fancy chocolate shop or bakery. See also at Costco: Tipiak white and pink heart-shaped macarons — with chocolate ganache and raspberry vanilla filling, respectively — for $11.99.

A bottle of wine seals the deal for Valentine's Day dinner

If you're already fantasizing about the decadent Costco Valentine's Day delights TikToker @bri_daspooky highlighted, don't overlook a stellar wine choice to pair with your ravioli and dessert. Whether you go with Costco's selection of Valentine's Day foods or find other ways to celebrate, the Costco wine selection remains a fan-favorite.

The acid in tomato-based pasta sauces is best paired with bold Italian reds that can stand up to that pomodoro punch. If you're serving the ravioli with a creamy sauce, Platings and Pairings suggests chardonnay or more delicate reds, such as pinot noir. 

For dessert, go with Eataly's recommendation of sweet Riesling for white chocolate, pinot noir or merlot for milk chocolate, and merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or zinfandel for dark chocolate. Plus, Eataly adds, wines with fruity notes pair well with berries (including, we presume, those chocolate-covered strawberries).