The Trader Joe's Heart-Shaped Ravioli That's Perfect For A Romantic Dinner

No matter what time of year it is, Trader Joe's will always have our hearts. Their wide array of easy meals, fresh fruits, and mouth-watering desserts never fail to keep customers coming back for more.

Trader Joe's is also known for its seasonal products, and many of them are major crowd-pleasers. From the moment Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day treats hit the shelves, excited customers clamber to buy them, especially because – like many other products (ex. Trader Joe's garlic fries) – they're available for a limited time only. 

One meals that's keeping the internet abuzz is a Valentine's Day pasta dish that makes for an adorable, romantic dinner (via Daily Waffle). These ravioli's easy prep and delicious flavors make it a hit this year, and with its tried-and-true positive reviews (via Trader Joe's Reviews), it just might be the perfect meal to make for someone's sweetheart this Valentine's Day, especially if pasta is their (other) true love.

The heart-shaped ravioli that's taking over the internet

Throughout the end of January, Trader Joe's has gradually rolled out its line of products for Valentine's Day, including ravioli which will make for a perfect dish for date night. The ricotta cuoricini ravioli, which costs $3.99 per container according to u/CookieButterLovers on Reddit, is heart-shaped and tinted red, but it doesn't just look pretty on a plate. The lucky few who've already tried it have been raving about the ricotta cuoricini ravioli online (via Swift).

The ravioli is stuffed with ricotta cheese, but its layers of flavor go far deeper. Its filling includes parmigiano reggiano cheese, and to top it off, it comes with an aceto balsamico di modern reduction. 

Taste isn't all this meal has going for it. With a five-to-six-minute cook time, it's also easy to prepare (via Reddit). It's no wonder that this hearty ravioli dish is garnering fans from all walks of life.

What people are saying about Trader Joe's heart-shaped ravioli

According to Trader Joe's Reviews, the heart-shaped ravioli pasta earned generally favorable reviews. It has overtaken Reddit, where users like u/eatweedbleedread say the pasta is their "new fave [Trader Joe's] meal" and other have described it as delicious. Although the best sauce to serve with the pasta is still up for debate — some prefer a marinara or red sauce (via Swift) while others prefer pesto (via Daily Waffle) — plenty of people enjoy the ravioli, and those who haven't tried it are eager to do so.

Although not every product that catches the internet's eye is a complete hit, these cute, heart-shaped ravioli seem to be worth trying. Their reddish tint and pretty shape are just part of the draw as the ravioli cooks quickly enough that making a sauce to accompany it will still make Valentine's Day dinner a breeze. If potential consumers think these ravioli look delicious now, just imagine how tasty they'll look when they're under candlelight and paired with a glass of wine at Valentine's Day dinner.