The Store-Bought Frozen Snack Andrew Zimmern Always Keeps In Stock

If you follow the buzz on the biggest celebrity chefs, then you might realize that sometimes their taste in food is far more simple than you initially think. Andrew Zimmern is no exception to the rule. Although Zimmern became head chef at New York's famous Un Deux Trois Café, hosts a variety of television shows, and is quite literally regarded as an arbiter of good taste, he gets the occasional hankering for a completely unexpected snack food that many of us probably have at home, per Lifehacker.

It may be hard to picture Zimmern casually cruising through the frozen food aisle of your local supermarket, but that's exactly where he finds one of his favorite snacks. Whether this tasty snack brings back nostalgia for you or you simply like it because it's quick and easy to prepare, it has certainly left a mark on Zimmern — just like it has on you, per USA Today.

What frozen snack is always in stock for Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Zimmern's snack of choice might burn your tongue a little bit when you pull it out of the microwave, but that certainly doesn't stop him from enjoying it. What exactly is this mysterious snack? According to USA Today, it's Totino's Pizza Rolls, the microwaveable classic that you probably grew up loving.

True to form, though, Zimmern has a specific way that he prefers to eat the snack. The chef has said that because "there's never sauce in the pizza rolls," he likes to freeze two-to-three-ounce portions of marinara sauce and defrost them whenever he makes pizza rolls. His ultimate goal for the pizza rolls? "Get them in sauce," an idea we can definitely get behind, per Lifehacker. Although Pizza Rolls are billed as containing tomato sauce, the uneven sauce distribution is enough to ruffle some feathers — even for non-chefs. Zimmern's solution to this common pizza sauce problem sounds like a great one for pizza roll (and marinara) fans everywhere to put into practice — there's no disappointment like eating a bland pizza roll.

Andrew Zimmern has plenty of other surprising snack favorites

Over the years, Zimmern has shared his thoughts on far more snacks than just Totino's pizza rolls. The "Bizarre Foods" host has a treasure trove of snacks that he loves — both domestic and international.

Zimmern has raved about a variety of snacks, from staples we've likely all tried to foods on our "culinary bucket lists." His favorite candy is Japan's matcha-flavored Kit-Kat, which is unique to the country. (According to Instagram, Zimmern loves soft-serve matcha ice cream too.) He also adores Mexican lollipops, and as a less candy-coated treat, he always enjoys a plateful of Korean squid legs, per First We Feast. Perhaps the most surprising, though? Zimmern munched his way through the Minnesota State Fair, where he selected gizmos, cheese curds, deep-fried pickles, poutine, and roasted corn as his favorite fair offerings. He also revealed that on a scorching day at the fair, he craves a cool glass of lemonade to cool off, per Andrew Zimmern. Whether he's expressing his love for pizza rolls, sharing his favorite international snacks, or expounding on his favorite fair foods, Zimmern is full of snack surprises.