Adventurous McDonald's Breakfast Hacks You Need To Try

Fast food fans love a good McDonald's hack. For those who don't know, McDonald's hacks are when you take one or more McDonald's items from the menu and combine them together. It could be something as simple as putting fries on your hamburger or creating something entirely unheard of. While some of these, for the most part, aren't too bad, there are some hacks that are a bit more "adventurous," depending on who thought them up.

While a majority of these hacks don't exist officially on McDonald's menu, instead requiring you to order the components of your creation separately, McDonald's has tried to show that it's "cool" with customers making their own hacks out of its products. You may recall, back in early 2022, that McDonald's actually introduced four "hacks" to its menu for official purchase (via Chew boom). These hacks included a Hash Brown McMuffin (an Egg McMuffin with a hash brown on it) and the monstrous "Land, Air, & Sea (a Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish combined into one almighty sandwich). While this promotion didn't meet the expectations of many consumers, with UPROXX going so far as to describe them as "a disaster," people still like to mix and match McDonald's foodstuffs into whatever they can possibly imagine.

Take, for example, these impressive menu hacks made from McDonald's breakfast products — items guaranteed to surprise, shock, and maybe even delight you into trying them.

You could make a crepe out of your hotcakes

if you're feeling hungry at McDonald's in the early morning hours, you can treat yourself to a wide variety of breakfast items. These can include anything from pancakes with sausage, McMuffins, and yogurt parfaits. If you're feeling particularly hungry and these regular menu items aren't doing it for you, you can easily make something more to satisfy your appetite.

According to TheRecipe, two breakfast hacks you can try are the McCrepe and the McAffogato. The McCrepe, according to them, is when you take an average hotcake and pour a fruit and yogurt parfait over it. You then roll the hotcake back up to form a very basic, but very cheap, crepe. The McAffogato is described to be a vanilla milkshake infused with an espresso, a very simple take on the Italian treat that itself is basically vanilla ice cream and espresso liqueur (via Perfect Daily Grind).

Oddly enough, the McCrepe is supposedly a real thing outside of the United States. If The Christian Science Monitor is to be believed, McCrepes are on the menu at McDonald's based in France. While it's unclear if the McCrepe is fundamentally the same as the American McCrepe, the French McCrepe no doubt is closer to being genuine — if only by location at least.

What are some other McDonald's breakfast hacks?

While the idea of eating a crepe and an affogato drink for under $10 does sound enticing, you probably want to know if there are other ways you can get more bang for your buck while eating breakfast at your local McDonald's.

If you find yourself craving a hash brown, but find that the expected product is a little too soggy for your tastes, you can actually order it to be well done. According to Foodbeast, to order your hash browns well-done means to let the hash brown patty fry a little bit more until it darkens. This, as Foodbeast explains, makes the hash brown "miles crispier and add a satisfying crunch to your bite." 

If hash browns cooked until crunchy aren't enough for you, you can try out the Triple Stack breakfast sandwich. Thrillist tells us that, in 2018, McDonald's introduced the Triple Stack sandwich as part of an expansion to its breakfast menu. Think of the McGriddles, McBiscuits, and McMuffins, but with two sausage patties alongside the other usual toppings. This meant that you could eat a Sausage McGriddle with twice the sausage. While the Triple Stacks aren't on the menu anymore, you can easily ask for another sausage patty on your sandwich for a little extra money.