New Zealand McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger Is Breakfast Without The Fork

Fast food behemoth McDonald's may have been founded on burger flipping, but many foodies would agree that its breakfast menu simply can't be beat. In fact, in a 2019 Insider survey Americans voted Mickey D's morning eats the best in the fast food game. And honestly, they should be, because as Insider notes, McDonald's was actually the first-ever fast food chain to start selling a quick and cheap breakfast. But while the brand's morning menu started with the inventive McMuffin, in America, its a.m. offerings have only expanded to include breakfast classics like oatmeal and hash browns. And, don't get us wrong, these traditional ways to start the day are all good and fine. But the thing is, the U.S. has been missing out on a showstopper of a McDonald's breakfast menu item.

So, let's start this off by saying, in general, New Zealand's McDonald's are a different breed. You know how there's a McDonald's diner inside of a decommissioned airplane? That famously cool Micky D's is actually located in New Zealand, per Insider. Oh, the country that's McDonald's actually put intoxicated guests' orders for "Mig back" and "Ferret oh Frish" as featured items on their menus? Yes sir, The Drum reports that's a part of the New Zealand hand of the golden arches' attempt to appeal to late-night partiers. And The Recipe reports you'll also find the Big Brekkie Burger on New Zealand McDonald's breakfast menu. What is the Big Brekkie Burger, you ask?

New Zealanders ditch the fork and embrace the Big Brekkie Burger

How many breakfast foods can you name off the top of your head? Because odds are, most of them are on the Big Brekkie Burger. According to The Recipe, this New Zealand Mcdonald's favorite throws eggs, cheese, and one hash brown on top of a beef patty smothered with BBQ sauce. All of that food is then forced between two sesame seeds buns, making this a no fork required breakfast. As The Sun reports, this meal totals out to a filling 796 calories.

However, while The Recipe reports the Big Brekkie Burger has quickly become a New Zealand Micky D's classic, the Sun explains this robust menu item actually first appeared in 2018 on Australia's McDonald's (or 'Macca') menus. However, News Hub notes it migrated to New Zealand that same year. And the Australian and New Zealand versions of this breakfast burger are slightly different in the way each menu item features a beef patty sourced from their respective countries. But, sadly, aside from Australia and New Zealand, no other McDonald's chains in the world sell what's essentially a five-course breakfast in burger form. But that doesn't mean you can't eat something tastily similar.

How to get a Big Brekkie Burger outside outside of New Zealand and Australia

While you can't waltz into an American McDonald's and ask for a Big Brekkie Burger, a few U.S. chains do have something similar on their breakfast menus. Carl's Jr. offers foodies a breakfast burger that stuffs a beef patty, bacon, eggs, cheese, and hash rounds between two traditional hamburger buns. And this packed morning-time burger actually comes in at 830 calories — making it a heftier start to the day than the Big Brekkie Burger. However, at a more modest 648 calories, Burger King's Fully Loaded Buttermilk Biscuit sandwiches black forest ham, sausage, crispy bacon, eggs, and cheese between one buttery biscuit. 

And by making your own version of this McDonald's item at home you can even customize its recipe. For example, The Flat Top King opted to add bacon and diced onions to their breakfast burger. And a TikToker put avocado and sriracha on a meal that could rival the giant McDonald's eat. So you can keep your taste buds satisfied as we all wait with bated breath for McDonald's to (possibly? hopefully?) release the Big Brekkie Burger worldwide.