The Official Fan-Favorite Trader Joe's Juice Has Been Voted In

Each year, Trader Joe's releases its Customer Choice Awards highlighting shoppers' favorite food and drink picks. As Trader Joe's puts it, it's really the nine products you'd take if you were spending the rest of your life on a deserted island. While some products that received accolades consistently in prior years were retired to the Trader Joe's Product Hall of Fame, other items rose to the top of this year's 14th Annual Customer Choice Awards. Included among these winners were Cheddar with Caramelized Onions, Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice, and Kale & Cashew Pesto, earning accolades in their respective categories of cheese, entree, and vegan/vegetarian products.

Of course, if you are going to spend the rest of your days on an isolated island, you're going to need a drink or two. Trader Joe's certainly has plenty of delicious drinks to choose from. For the beverage category, runners-up included TJ's seasonal Triple Ginger Brew and Non-Dairy Brown Sugar Oat Creamer as well as two sparkling drinks — Peach Black Tea with Peach Juice and the seasonal Cranberry & Ginger Beverage. However, the top spot was taken by another bubbly beverage — the seasonal Sparkling Honeycrisp Apple Juice Beverage.

What is Sparkling Honeycrisp Apple Juice Beverage?

Trader Joe's describes the drink's taste "like a sweet apple daydream on a sparkling fall day." That might just be a strong enough sell for some to trade in their pumpkin spice-laced beverages for this autumnal alternative.

While TJ's didn't share exactly how many votes the beverage received, there are plenty of enthusiastic sippers of the sparkling juice with suggestions about how to enjoy it. EatingWell notes that it's perfect for drinking during the day or for seasonal mocktails while both What's Good at Trader Joe's and Daily Waffle suggest mixing it with bourbon (the former of the two blogs suggests using vodka, too).

While the drink only contains Honeycrisp juice, water, and carbon dioxide, reviewers say that it's not too sweet. For those who prefer even little less sweetness, take the advice of the popular Instagram account, @traderjoeslist, which suggests mixing it with more sparkling water.

Since it is seasonal, you may have some time to figure out how you're going to drink the award-winning apple-infused water. But keep your eyes out for it because, per Reddit, it doesn't appear to stay around long.